Sunday, November 28, 2010

By Jove, I Think She's Got It!

 Jane's Flurry Snowflake
Tatskool's HDT

The tatting is not pretty; lest you forget, this is my PRACTICE piece.
Now, I shall forge ahead with... BEADS!

You think The Boss likes her new socks?    : )


  1. I knew you'd get it! You've helped me this week with Iris's 2002 gift pattern. Used your picture for a closer look and then was able to finally get it so I had no doubt we'd be seeing Flurry by you. Karen in OR

  2. Cute socks. I'm looking forwarding to seeing the snowflake with beads.

  3. The boss is adorable! Or rather her pretty little foot is adorable. I think she likes them.

  4. Your Flurry Snowflake looks great! Thank you for introducing it to me. The Boss' socks look really comfy and I love the earthy colours.

  5. The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain. YES!!! You've got it!

    The Boss MUST like her socks because you don't wear just ANY OLD SOCKS when you are sporting your TIARA!!!! You are certainly well connected Fox being related to the Marx brothers AND royalty!

    :) Ann

  6. "I knew that she could do it, and indeed she did"!

  7. Oh sweet mercy, that little head (obscured so demurely by the PRIZE new socks) is adorable! And the socks aren't bad either!

    I just knew Jane's Flurry snowflake wouldn't stymie you. Your practice piece looks FAB.

  8. The flurry looks perfect to me - just does need beads next time!!!! I love the socks - they look SO warm.

  9. Yipee you did it, and I just love the Boss's socks!

  10. Yes, indeed... I do believe The Boss likes her new socks! The Flurry is beautiful... on with the beads!

  11. Looks good, Fox!

    I too, have to try a practice piece. I want to use my silk HDT for this pattern, and I started right in on it last night.... forgot to load my shuttles with beads... started out and got confused. so thankfully I hadn't gotten too far. I decided that I needed to see a finished piece to go along with the pattern. (I figured I'd hit yours and Jane's blogs to see all the different colored Flurry's.

    Here's hoping I can do as good as you did and I CAN'T wait to see your next one with beads!!

    Boss's socks are cute... and am I correct in saying that it looks like she's wearing a princess-style tutu?

    She's got an adorable sock face (LOL)

  12. Your snowflake looks great for a practice piece! :)

  13. Thank you so much, for the delightful remarks! The BEADS are on the shuttle as I write! Yes!!!

    Ann, how very thoughtful of you to remember my family. Ah yes, from Hollywood to the Throne! Another chuckle wrested from the well-connected tatter,
    Fox : )) ♥

    Karen, So glad you were able to figure it out and that I could be of some help in your getting on with Jane's' pattern! Thanks for telling me that. Makes me happy!
    Fox : )

  14. That's a fab-looking flurry, Fox! I think the Boss's socks rock.