Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tools of the Trade

Now aren't those the ultimate elegance of shuttles in Tat-land!  Just look at them -  both beautiful; both fantastic for me and my particular style of tatting.  We tatters are all so different, thus having varying preferences for the shuttles we most prefer.

I have made quite a study of the different types that are on the market, and if you have been following my tatting adventures, you will know that some of my tools have met a rather ...mmm... unfortunate end.

But, after a lot of trial and error, I  have settled on the ones that I know I shall be using pretty much all of the time.

The Shuttle Brothers's  GR-8 Resin shuttles have been my shuttle of choice till today. They are small and smooth and have a great little pointy post at the end.

Then, today, I received a package in the mail  from Jane Eborall. The Pop-A-Bobbin Shuttle had arrived.

Mine is Elm and exceptional!  It is light and easy to use and I love it! It has an unusual hook at the end that I really like. I will be ordering another - maybe in ebony - so that I have a pair.  There are a number of woods available and they all are very tempting!

That ends my shuttle news.  I would recommend both these shuttles, but everyone has different needs..  You have to experiment.  I am lucky to have settled on what is best pour moi.

Now, the bonnet.  As you can see,  I am nearly at the part where I tat the motifs to the rest of the hat.  Then all that is left is threading the pink ribbon.  Oh, I do hope this is going to work!



  1. Your recommendation made me decide to check out Jane's shuttles but I don't see any listed on her etsy page so I will look again in the future.

    I love those little flowers/rosettes. They look so pretty in those delicate colours.

  2. Hello Fox, First let me say congratulations on your publication in Piecework. That's is super!!

    I'm glad to know you like the new shuttle. My favorite shuttle so far is the GR-8 shuttles. I am planning on ordering a Pop-A-Bobbin in the next group Jane is selling. I'm so excited to try it out. I'm not sure what kind of wood shuttle to get. I'm getting one for me and one for my Mom. I will order to totally different kinds of wood and decide which I will keep. Hopefully my Mom will get hers and that I won't decide to keep both. LOL!!

    Love the color of thread you are using on the bonnet. Is it one of your own threads?

    Happy Tatting!

  3. Hi, M,
    You can email Jane and ask her directly. There are lots of shuttles being made!

    Carol, Thank you so much! You are going to love the shuttles and may indeed keep both. Mine is Elm and I want to get every other wood that "im in the garage' is going to use! I think I like this Pop-A-Bobbin ALMOST as much as my GR-8's! It's a close call!

    The thread is Olympus #20 - a fab thread. So silky and smooth. One of my faves.

    Fox : )

  4. Hi Fox! Your rosettes are just beautiful! Is the bonnet starting to make more sense? Is it starting to take more shape as you get the "lip" of the bonnet tatted? I hope so. It is going to be one very pretty bonnet by the time you are done with it!

  5. Hey Fox!
    Those are a couple sweet shuttles. Looking at them is to me what a man must feel looking at a shiny, sports car as he climbs into his Datson 210 (if those still exist). My clovers work great for me, but those shuttles are SO appealing...

    The little rosettes are awfully cute! I know that bonnet will work and it will be absolutely charming!

    :) Ann

  6. Ooh, you have a Pop-a-Bobbin in Elm? That is special indeed, as I thought I read that the Elm was recycled wood from a church. Built in blessings! LOL!

    I just received my order: one Sycamore and one Walnut Pop-a-Bobbin. So excited am I!!!

    Here is a link to a shuttle site that lists properties of different types of woods. I found it to be quite helpful in selecting what wood I wanted for Pop-a-Bobbins:

    Can't WAIT to see the next stage of your bonnet photos! It is coming along so beautifully.

    And congratulations again on getting the Priscilla edging published in Piecework!

  7. I missed congratulating you yesterday, Fox, on the article in Piecework. Many congrats. Glad you like the pop a bobbin shuttle. I must get a GR8 one - one day!!!!
    M - if you want to contact me on lovetotat @ then I can add you to the ever growing list!!!

  8. Congratulations, can't wait to see the article. The new shuttle looks super, it's so nice to find something that you really like, for me it's the Lacis Sew Mate.....but i do like the look of those lovely woods.