Friday, March 26, 2010

Tatting Zen

Vinnie's Spring Doily 2

 This has been a bit of a challenge, but after a lot of false starts, I think I have it now!

Unfortunately, I have very little of this HDT, Corsage, by Yarnplayer.  Isn't it beautiful? I have had to use a plain colour for one shuttle, because of the fear of running out, and so there are a lot of SLT's and little specks of the light lilac thread show through at most joins.  I think it will all be okay after I block it.  I sure hope so!

Something has shifted in the way and approach I am taking to tatting.  I cannot quite define what it is but I find I am not as stressed as usual, and although everything seems impossibly difficult  these days for no reason  - I seem to be all thumbs - it doesn't bother me as much.  I suppose I am aware that this phase will pass.  I think my muscle memory and my brain are finally getting in sync, somehow.

There is new enjoyment in each individual stitch as I tat and I am really enjoying the process, being not as focused on the end result. I hope this part of the development continues, because it is refreshing compared to the breakneck pace I have had since I started this peculiar pastime.  It probably won't!

BTW, Chiclet of TattingChic  is having a super giveaway to celebrate her two years of blogging.



  1. Absolutely love the colours and your tatting looks great!!!!!

  2. Shifts are good! I remember when I first felt that I had made a shift in my tatting, but I think it took me about three years to get there! I love the color you're using. I think I missed out on that one!

  3. It's LOVELY, Fox! You sound like you are definitely in the Zen Zone, what a wonderful approach to tatting... and life. I also hope it continues. The funny thing is that by putting aside the stress and embracing the relaxing part of tatting, you will probably accomplish so much more and love every minute!
    :) Ann

  4. When the zen sets in, can a new blog header be far behind?

  5. It's going to be beautiful! I love the colours.

  6. Tatting to me is not the end result - it's the 'getting there' that's important. This is why I don't 'insist' on front backside tatting or any pernickity stuff. I tat for pleasure and the fun of meeting people like you online. Relaxation is the word and you're getting that and the fun of making. WELL DONE. Fabulous colours too.

  7. I love the HDT color - beautiful blend.

    I think I have reached a different phase in my tatting as well. I seem to remember this feeling when I was learning to crochet. It just hits you, but it's hard to describe. I'm not quite where you are with my tatting, but "Zen" is definitely a good description!

  8. Giggle - these comments prompted a Header change.... Thanks, guys! ♥ Fox : )

  9. Your header is lovely, Fox. I

    Congratulations on finding your Zen.

  10. The thread you are using is gorgeous!
    I am having a give-away for International Tatting Day so please come see my blog and enter if you like =)

  11. Hi Fox, thanks for visiting my blog and celebrating my blogoversary with me. Since you are mentioning it here. Be sure to come back and comment a second time so you get the second entry.
    Good luck to you!
    ~TattingChic ♥