Monday, March 15, 2010

The Second Time Around - Success!

This is the second Myra Piper motif.  The first one, I realize had a big mistake and that is why I couldn't get it blocked properly.  I had attached a chain in the wrong place, right at the very start.

That seems to be my routine way of tatting.  I make that initial blunder at the onset, and do not see it till the second time I tat the pattern.

At any rate, this one is correct and it is tatted in my very own HDT!!!  The flowers are done with the lighter dyed version, along with a King Tut quilting thread my sister sent me last year, which is so very thin I never thought I'd use it. It is a purple, lilac and yellow, variegated fibre.

Than you, Jane, for the absolutely brilliant idea of combining threads!

The photo does not show how pretty and heathery the colour is.  I am really thrilled with the results.


This is what happens when you go out for coffee and take tatting along and have only one needle with you.  It's inevitable.

I got this needle at a dollar store and have not been able to find another like it.  It is a heavy, big sewing needle with an eye large enough to get a jump ring through.  I have found a replacement, but alas, it is not the same caliber as the old one.

Another of Sherry's notes. Tatted in Yarnplayer's 'Corsage', which is all gone.
Such a pretty thread....


  1. Wow what a beautiful motif. I love the colours.

  2. Very pretty! I'm going to have to try tatting with beads one of these days. As to dyeing my own thread... I don't think so! I have too many interests already!

  3. Love the motif and the colour is really stunning!

  4. Love the motif and the beads really set it off. Also love thr thread colour!!!!