Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pop-A-Bobbin Question to Tat-land

Before the question, a comment;  the stars on the Pop-a-Bobbin are not for decoration, but to always know what side the thread is coming from, so the shuttle will be in the correct position. I am easily confused!

The question is: why is the bobbin on my shuttle so difficult to turn?  I cleaned off the inside, which seemed to have collected - what - some varnish? or dirt or something.  That helped a tiny bit.  What can I do to make the bobbin release thread more easily? It is so tight to release right now.  I love this bobbin and want to remedy  this.

Any tatterly thoughts out there?


  1. I found if I don't wind the thread on as tightly as I'm wont to do, it releases better on that bobbin. Also, not all bobbins are interchangeable with this shuttle. the clear ones, clearly won't fit ~ and those that work with the Pony do not fit either…in that case they are too loose. I think the bobbins are a bit different by the same manufacturer. Also, one time I just took the plug out and put it back in and that worked….xx bj

  2. Are you using the bobbin that came with the shuttle or a different one? Some Aero and Aero wannabe bobbins are thicker than the one include and don't turn well. Otherwise, I'm stumped. Maybe can give you an answer. Love the stickers by the way.

  3. Sorry, I don't know anything about bobbin shuttles. Just wanted to say that I think your star code is very clever!
    :) Ann

  4. My Walnut pop-a-bobbin shuttle has "loosened up" a bit since I first started using it, so take heart. With more use it may well become easier to work with.

  5. Oh I don't know maybe go back to the dark side and needle tat instead!lol No bobbins to turn or release thread.

  6. Well we've had a business meeting here in sunny Stratford today and we've come to the conclusion that the reason for this is most likely exactly what Bev and Jeff say!! In fact Sally and I have been comparing recent purchases of the Aero replacement bobbins (I brought some back from Palmetto last year) and older ones too. Some appear to have a shiny surface and some matt. 'Im in the garage says the difference in that will affect the shuttle BUT he's got his beady eye well and truly on this now. It's a matter of millimeters (or something like that!) and he's well aware of it. So if you stick with the bobbin that comes with the shuttle things should be hunkey dorey. Just a suggestion. I always wind my thread back onto the ball it came from when I've finished a projecDt. Don't forget that the plastic rubbing against wood will not affect the bobbin as it does in an Aero which is plastic against plastic. They do eventually 'lose the plot'.
    All shuttles undergo strict quality control before leaving Chez Sally and any problems can always be returned for 'sorting out'.
    Hope this helps, Fox.

  7. Hi, and THANK YOU All, for your comments about my bobbin ills!

    I seemed to have solved the problem by really cleaning the inside under the bobbin where something kind of black and sticky had collected. (NOT chocolate - never eat it!)

    Scrubbed it off and cleaned with alcohol, cleaned the bobbin and Voilà!

    Right as rain! I am so relieved. Again thanks for the input.

    I am glad you like the stars. I rather love them!

    Jane, I would not have been able to send it back for 'sorting out', as it is permanently attached to my fingers.... MINE, do you hear.... MINE!

    I do appreciate the offer, though! LOL!
    Fox : )

  8. Kelly, Not a chance! LOL!! ♥ Fox : ))