Friday, March 19, 2010


A little curiosity; a bit of too much energy; 
a touch of ennui; a smidgeon of ADD,.
and what do you get?

Needle Tatting!

Not bad for the first try, but I don't know how I would ever accomplish this with a needle:

This is shuttle tatted!  
Seems to be some confusion!

Pattern by Irene Woo   'Garden Afternoon'  by Yarnplayer   #13

Once again, and true to form, this one is WRONG!  I know what I did, and, of course, I tatted it backwards.  I have started the second one and used a green for the chains - I  had planned  to use the variegated for the chains, but promptly forgot, when I began - and it looks better in all ways than this first try.  I'll post it soon.


  1. Well, I think it is good for the first try! It's a shame, needle tatting is a kind of terra incognita for me...

  2. So what do you think of needle tatting? I tried it and although it was great I prefer to shuttle tat!!! The heart looks great and the colours turned out lovely.

  3. Wow Fox! I've been catching up with you and find I have ALLOT of catching up to do!!! You have been very busy from that BEAUTIFUL Myra Piper motif you tatted up in your own lovely thread, to those adorable Mini-Boss socks and the pretty Celtic pattern you tatted up in blue and white! Now needle tatting! I was only gone a couple days!

    The heart is very pretty. I like the solid color on the outside. Green does sound really nice for the chains. I look forward to seeing the new version as well as any other tatting you feel drawn to do!

    :) Ann

  4. nice !
    It is brave to try with needles ;-)
    You do not ever lose your needles? that arrives at me all the time then I prefer shuttles ....
    ancolie from France