Friday, March 12, 2010

'Elevating' the Art of Tatting

 #2 Motif Challenge
Finished this with the last bit of Dr. VTM's thread in green and Karey's variegated HDT.  No more of either.

I had an awful time with this pattern - direction wise.  I realize now, this is the back of the motif, and although the front looks a bit better, it is still really disappointing.  This is one I will do again, because I love the shape.  Very confusing pattern for me.  I cannot remember if Myra Piper's patterns have been difficult for me in the past.  I don't think they are particularly perplexing.

No dinner last night.  Just this boiled up an avocado with a couple of copper pennies! Look what pretty muted pinks I got from 1) the pit and 2) the skin.  I thought the pit would yield yellow, but it produced a paler pinkish tone than the skin did.  I used a dull, beigey-coloured ball of Cébélia, #20.  Maybe white would have been better, but these might be okay mixed with something more vibrant.

The project ended a long and arduous day.
1) My car failed its emissions test.  This means big bucks out of my pocket, so less thread.  Such a pity.

2) A parking violation.  3) Got home and got stuck in the elevator for over an hour.

4) Made a few advancements with the Celtic tatting while waiting for the elevator guy.

 The thing to remember about this little episode is to NEVER go ANYWHERE without a SHUTTLE! 
Imagine being stuck alone in that little box, suspended between floors for who knew how long.  Could have been  catastrophic! 

Pop-A-Bobbin worked its magic and I met the rescue team with grace and sang-froid!

 #3,4,5, 6 and 7 of The 25 Motif Challenge

6) Ended on a happy note.
Sherry's pattern, Heather's yarn)

#8 Motif Challenge

 A sample of generosity. Thank you, Heather.
Her colours are terrific.



  1. Yikes, what a day! I can definitely see the progress in your Celtic work though.

  2. What an awful day! I am so glad that you were able to make the most of it though. I would have been bouncing off the walls in that elevator though! I love the thread you dyed and am thinking I might be able to try that with some cross stitch fabric. We'll have to see though. I may just get the tan rite dye and see how that works. I sure hope you have an exceptionally wonderful day today =)

  3. Oh, you crack me up :)) What a day you had...if it wasn't for that shuttle... But I love the color you came up with from avocado! Would you make one for me pls? Only I use size 10...

  4. Never a dull post with you, Fox! Glad you weren't caught out without a shuttle on top of everything else... now THAT would have been disastrous!!! AND even if your HDT budget is tight for a while, at least you can dye some pretty threads on your own (I like the hues you cooked up). Your Celtic tatting looks great -makes me want to throw a Chieftains cd and end on a happy note of my own!
    :) Ann

  5. The thready you dyed is beautiful! I'm sorry you had such a long day though hun :( and your celtic tatting of that one motif definately looks better then mine ever had! Kuddos!

  6. Man that sounds like a bad day. Another thing to remember... never get into a lift if you need the toilet.

    I agree with Miranda about being able to see the progress.

  7. Rofl is that a picture of tatting on your leg on the floor of the elevator? :-)

    I got stuck in an elevator once at the Dr, I was pregnant and there was a well meaning lady on the other side who was freaking out yelling that there was a pregnant woman trapped lol. I was out in about 15 minutes.

  8. Oof, not sure whether to *gasp*, *groan* or applaud your tatting Zen! Better do all three. ;-)

    Dying with an avocado sounds like great fun! Would never have thought to try it. I have used onion skins in a dyepot once, intriguing kitchen science experiment!

  9. I've had an equally awful week. It is wonderful to have something to keep your hands busy. If you have a shuttle in your hand you can't slap anyone. Wishing your car passes the next e-test.

  10. What a post, full of action..and inaction. So glad you had the shuttle with you...must remember that.

  11. Wonderful comments, all! Thank you!

    I have a few thoughts:
    Isdihara, I love the phrase 'Tatting Zen'. I'd like to rename my blog with that one!

    M: You comment was spot on. My bladder felt suspiciously full as soon as the doors closed. When I sat down to ponder my circumstances, I rummaged through my gear for supplies that I might need. There was a plastic bag. Well, it would come in handy, if I were trapped for a LONG wait! Good lesson there too!

    Victats, I sincerely hope we both have an improved existence next week. This one has been a doozy! As for slapping someone, well, I could do more damage with the Pop-A Bobbin's lovely little post!

    Fox : ) ♥

  12. So glad you had your shuttle with you to do some tatting while being stuck in the elvator. I would have been a bit frantic if I was stuck for an hour. Were you alone in the elevator?

    The colors are very nice in your motif. I like your variegated green. And the little celtic motif is an interesting design. Is it on the web somewhere?

    That's so cool how you dyed that thread with an avacado and pennies. The thread looks like a pretty dusty rose color.

    Hope your day goes better today.

  13. Hi Carol,
    Thank goodness I was alone! There were many nasty words uttered....

    The book for the design is Celtic Tatting by Rozella Linden. That is the first design and I can't move along till I get it right. I must have tried this pattern 2o times or more!

    The pennies are the mordant. They help set the colour.

    I LOVE that green - Dr. Vonthreadmore's!
    Fox : )

  14. What a day! I'm very glad you had your shuttle while in the elevator, it would have been a very long wait otherwise. You've been very busy, with the Celtic tatting and the thread dyeing (I would have thought green as well). Good luck for the next time you try that pattern of Myra Piper's. I'm sure it'll be better next time.

  15. tattrldy,
    Yes, I have been so focused these days! Unfortunately my camera languishes in my bag, untouched except tor tatting stuff. It used yo be my object of passion! For decades!

    Myra Piper's pattern is easier this time. I am tatting it again using my own HDT thread! It's real puurty~ I will post it soon. : ))