Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Don't Tell The Boss...

She might not be pleased.  You see, this pair is for Mini-Boss, whose ETA is exactly one month today!

Isn't this sweet?  Such a simple pattern for a tiny sock. Actually, these days I find I am preferring the simpler patterns to the more complicated ones.  Just goes to show you...

The Boss is enjoying her stash of  tatted-edge socks.


  1. It's true, you wouldn't want something too comlicated on such little bitty socks. Hope the Boss doesn't get too jealous.

  2. Very sweet! I'm sure Mini-Boss will look adorable in those socks!

  3. The socks are adorable! Wow - only a month away and you get to meet the Mini-Boss. After all that work on the bonnet and the Master phase, you are entitled to relax and do some easy stuff :)

  4. I just love seeing all those pretty socks! I hope I have a little girl grandchild to make some for someday =)

  5. Very sweet! Your boss will be very happy!
    Well done!

  6. Cute! I love the baby socks with not too complicated laces.

  7. Thank you, Everyone, for your lovely comments!
    ♥ Fox-In-Waiting : )