Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Cutting Edge

Rather - the edge has been cut off!  Those bits, along with the toast crumbs  from my breakfast, are indeed toast!

I still am in the dark; I cannot figure out what I did.  Chiclet tried to help, but alas I have not been able to find my error, so I have to wing it on the last few rows and attach those motifs à la Sinatra - My Way! I guess it's good experience.

I cannot wait to finish. "agasunset" gave me some very good advice. I paraphrase: Do not tat anything you  cannot tat with passion.  Just do what you love to do.

These words do not connect with Victorian baby bonnets!


  1. Yeah, passion and Victorian baby bonnets don't usually walk hand-in-hand do they? But frankly, Frank, if anyone can do it well their way, it is you... and the baby will never know.
    :) Ann

  2. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention! I'm sure all will turn out well... can't wait to see what your way is!

  3. Love that advice. Must remember that too. I'm sure that 'all's well that end's well' to use a local chap's famous quote!!!

  4. Those are things that happen frequently. Even I cut off parts often.

  5. Great advice, finish it an move on to something more exciting.

  6. You guys are so kind to keep commenting and supporting me in finishing this *#%** bonnet!
    Thank you!

    Yes, Tatskool.... time to move on... LOL!
    Fox : )