Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's All About Karey...

#17 Motif Challenge

After five - FIVE - frustrating starts, I finally got the FIRST CHAIN going the right way.  ..SIGH...  It is difficult up there in my brain, sometimes.  I just could not figure it out.

Anyway, it is three days later, and I am very happy with this heart, which is, of course, Mary Konior's, Queen of Hearts.

The thread?  Karey Solomon's. Got this thread last September in Cambridge, at the Fringe Element Tatters event. 

Yesterday, when I went to my mailbox, I found this:

Karey  had put this in the mail, unbeknownst to me. Talk about synchronicity! See that one on the end?  That is my favourite thread;  the one in my header;  the one that I have run out of.  I am fondling the new skein as I type....



  1. I will be meeting Karey at shuttlebirds in a few very excited!

  2. You are lucky to be attending! Wish I could go... Say hi to folks there from me!
    Fox : )

  3. Oh Fox, this heart is amazing. What a master of this craft you've become!!! I get my inspiration from you now, can't wait when we finally meet :))
    Now I need you to teach me some tatting tricks LOL

  4. agasunset,
    Thank you! I can't wait, either! Soon!
    Fox : )

  5. LOVE it, Fox!!! This is a wonderful pattern and in Karey's thread it becomes a heart which is absolutely BURSTING with spring! Beautiful job!
    :) Ann

  6. Oh! And the thread looks LUSCIOUS - how very nice of her!
    Ann :)

  7. What an incredible and drool-worthy HDT score! I was petting the monitor (just to see if I could get a zen vibe, of course) - LOL!

    You heart IS amazing! And you should be given a title for your hard-earned mastery -- Mistress Fox, Lace Laurel?


  8. Lovely threads and a beautiful heart... what more could a girl ask for?

  9. What a lovely heart and I just love the thread colour!!!