Friday, January 8, 2010

Without Fail....

 Not sure why this always seems to happen, but it always does. Sigh.

Here -

- a book I really like and inside what I thought would be a fun tat, something with which to take a break from T.A.T. as I have been zooming along and need a wee break.

Also, I can't share any of my TAT experiences, but there is so much I have accomplished that I am fairly bursting to show someone,  for I have little that is available to post on the blog.

Really, this is the best course to learn tatting in a cumulative and progressive fashion. It is challenging, rewarding and frustrating all at once.  I am loving it.  But I must love it alone!

So.... a little something to take the edge off, thought I  - a small pattern with those clever onion-shaped thingies that I seem drawn
 to  - a  subject for a blog post tonignt.

WRONG.  All I managed was this:

Using bits of leftover HDT, I wound two shuttles and started to tat.  Very quickly I realized this was going to be a long drawn out affair... This is a fiddly pattern.  Pretty though.



  1. Sorry Fox, that would have been really pretty in those colors.

    I have that book but haven't made anything from it yet, so of course I went to get it and now have the pattern laying before me. WOW! I'm finding that the more I tat patterns which have a diagram only, the less easily I can follow the written instructions. I guess I prefer having both a diagram AND the written word. What can I say? I'm a greedy tatter!

    You know what? In the TIAS Day 1 instructions, Jane gives instructions for hiding your beginning thread when you start out with two shuttles not continuously wound. It's like Gina's tutorial on hiding one beginning thread. Anyway, it's pretty nifty and if you have enough thread on the shuttles and want to give The Wheel of Nine Rings another go...

    Or perhaps, you might just check out the TIAS and see if you want to do that for fun instead! So far it's coming in small bites!

    :) Ann

  2. Hi Ann,

    You are not the only greedy tatter out here, you know! I love those diagrams, too!

    I am NOT finished with this pattern! I was just grumbling. Stay tuned, as it is looking pretty spiffy!

    TIAS was beckoning, but I am determined to spend the time getting the TAT thing finished.

    I said somewhere that I was a 'serially monogamous tatter'. Well, it seems I have to concentrate on only one big deal at a time or I get too stressed! How's that for a nice relaxing hobby! LOL!
    Fox : )

  3. I already have that book, I tatted the angel on the left with some beads, I put them on two shirts of mine grandaughters' (bosses).
    I also framed three of those angels, which are pink and light blu, and I gave them as a present for the birth of three babies. The mothers were very happy to receive it.

  4. I think you should be able to tat when you like and what you like, my problem is that there isn't enough time, other committments take over! Yes and I agree sometimes it is all so frustrating when things don't work out quite as you expect.
    I agree with Ann - need diagrams and written instructions, the more help the better!
    Hang on in there Fox you are doing fine!