Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Didn't See the Forest for the Trees

 I was. as my Gram used to say, pleased as punch, with this motif and took it proudly to work for 'show and tell! One eagle-eyed colleague, said it was very nice, but she wondered if I knew a piece was missing.

WHAT?   I  was aghast!

She had to point out the missing bar.  Yup.  There was a gap and no green bar and picot.  I had looked and looked at this little motif, very lovingly; I might add, as I really admire the design.  I did not see the missing stitches till they were pointed out.
Can you see the problem in the first picture?

Wheel of Nine Rings

Christmas Angels and Other Tatting  by Monica Hahn

I thought about that blasted mistake all day long!  I cannot believe how I could not jettison thoughts of THE FLAW from my mind.  It lurked around in there till I got home and had barely taken off my coat, when I realized I had to fix it right away.  Before my dinner.  Before the cat's dinner. 

Ahhhh.  Here it is.  Complete.  I ate in peace.
So did my cat!

Krystle' s HDT, the darker green, brewed up in an experimental batch 
by Dr. Von Threadmore.... and Yarnplayer's Rhubarb Pie.   Both #20.

Another lesson. I fought with myself about whether to fix it or to leave it, and on and on and on...  Easier to just realize that I will correct the mistake and there doesn't have to be a good reason to do so.  It is just for my own satisfaction to attain a sense of completion.  It took three minutes - no kidding - to fix.  No big deal and certainly not worth the useless mind chatter that erupted in my noggin all day about should I or shouldn't I fix the darn thing!

Tatting presents a multitude of life lessons if I pay attention.  Microcosms in a double stitch.
I'm glad I got lost in the woods.



  1. I can so imagine your frustration at making a mistake and you desire to fix it as you would have seen it forever. You made a lovely job of it. A beautiful's destined for my Lovely Tatting folder!

  2. I'm glad it's all sorted but this brings to mind a small problem I had. While visiting someone else's blog I noticed an error in a motif and I didn't know how or even if I should mention it. I hummed and hawed for ages before deciding I couldn't tell. Would you rather someone mentioned it or kept their mouth politely shut?

  3. I didn't catch it either...but once you see it, it's ALL you see. I'm sure no one on this side of the blog screen would have been the wiser, but good for you for fixing it.

  4. It turned to be so pretty. The colors really harmonized well.

  5. Well it took me a time to find the missing bar and when I did it, it was a shock, well worse for you! Still pleased you fixed it, and that everyone got to eat! It is very pretty, what are you going to do with it? Frame it!

  6. Good fix job there,

    I will admit to sewing picots together after missing a join...

  7. It's a beautiful motif. I completely understand how you felt. I would have fixed it too. I am so OCD. Excellent fix job--can't tell at all.
    For M., if you see a mistake in my tatting, please tell me. I am at I would greatly appreciate it.

  8. Love the colours and you fixed it up nicely!!!

  9. I know what you mean, I'd have to fix it too!!

    Your motif is done is such a pretty color. Is this your own HDT? The color is awesome!! What is the name of the HDT?

  10. I had to stare reaaalllyyy reeallllyy hard to spot the mistake. Glad you finally fixed it up the way you like!

  11. Your snowflake is so very pretty! I love the colors you used! Good job!

  12. This is so pretty ! good job !
    you actually showed us this beautiful motif to me and my friend today ! while we were searching to buy tatting stuff :)

    I am happy that i met you :) keep tatting on !

  13. I tatted a doily for my nephew's bride which used 7 motifs and a couple of finishing rounds. I was in a rush doing the whole thing in two week's time. Finished it, blocked it, scznned it in 2 sections and wrapped it. Then DH put the 2 scanned pieces together and I saw that I had joined one of the points to the wrong cloverleaf. It drove me nuts. Still does, every time I look at the picture. I don't blame you for fixing the motif. It's the only way to go.

  14. Fox, I have to tell you that this motif (with size 20 HDTs in green and Rhubarb Pie)is the prettiest motif I have seen -- possibly in my life.

    And no, I didn't see the missing bar for many minutes after looking for it. I actually took my finger and traced the tatting path and stopped, stunned, when my finger fell on it.

    Now I have to go clean the fingerprints off my monitor screen, LOL!

    Your fix is flawless. Well done, all around!

  15. Hi Fox!
    Your touch of spring is beautiful! I would have had to fix it also. Unless something is totally out of my hands, I want to fix it. And also like you, it's best for me to just go ahead and do it ASAP so I can give life my full attention again. Microcosms in a Double Stitch - sounds like a good name for a book!
    :) Ann

  16. I had to look quite a while before I saw anything missing in the first photo. Congratulations on fixing it in only 3 minutes!

  17. Well! Thank you, everyone, for your comments!

    I am amazed at the response to this post! SO, a lot of you are as finicky as I am. Good to know! I am in good company!

    Ann, So far, I have written only one book and it is not published! You have indeed inspired me, for yes, it is a good title indeed! I have to admit, that when I typed it, a little buzzer went off in my head, What do THEY say, great minds think alike!

    Azin, Thank you! Come back and visit and keep tatting! : )

    Carol, Thanks for the heads-up. I forgot to credit the thread and the designer. It's under the photo now, where it should be!

    JB, and M,
    Thanks for the comments and a great discussion idea. I will address this in my next post!
    : )

    Sally, Sally, Sally! What do we do with all that we tat? I don't know! Certainly not frame it or hang it! Mine just goes on 'The Lamp''

  18. Could you please tell me where you got the pattern from? I've tried doing a search and everything but that came up. Even if in a book...!

  19. Barbara,

    Wheel of Nine Rings
    Christmas Angels and Other Tatting by Monica Hahn
    : )) Fox