Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hooks Off to Procrastination

It is one o'clock in the morning and I have just finished the patternI have been working on for over a week for TAT. It was a big one and  I am really pleased with what I have accomplished. I am also more than a little puzzled at my behaviour as I neared the end of the exercise.

It is this late because I decided that before I finished the piece, I really needed, NEEDED, to get out the Aero shuttle that I don't ever use.  I figured I might be able to make it usable with a few minor modifications..
The above is what ensued.

Before I got to that part, just look at the havoc I managed to wreak.

Actually, the idea was good, but the shuttle is toast; I did not have the right file for the plastic, so aside from the guillotined hook, the shortened end is very rough and uneven, a result of maltreatment with a nail file.

Why, when I only had about an hour left, did I even think of doing this, let alone, actually carrying out my ill-conceived plan?  Fear of endings? Self-sabotage?

Oh well; I am content with my finished tatted exercise,, and whatever THAT was about, I will not be repeating the bizarre ritual, as I have no more Aeros to mutilate!  I do not plan on acquiring these shuttles again.  Good thing.  Good night.



  1. Uh, uh, I'm going to report you to the tat police for murdering an Aero!!!!!! Poor wee thing!!!!!

  2. Philosophical question here: Can it be qualified as a "ritual" if you've only done it once??? Just saying...

  3. What's with you and shuttles? First it was that Inox shuttle and now this?
    Oh .. but yours is a German Aero. There is a certain git across the pond who will tell you that German Aeros are not made to last, :) Thank god my one and only English Aero is still intact.

  4. OMG!!!! What did that poor shuttle ever do to you???? Apart from being an Aero that is! (ducking from Aero enthusiasts throwing Aero's at if!!)

  5. Fox!
    You really should put up a viewer discretion warning if you are going to show HORRIBLE pictures like that! My little clovers were sitting RIGHT by the computer screen taking a rest after Day 7 of the TIAS and now they are terrified! I don't know how I will get them to sleep tonight, the poor quivering dears! We may just have to stay up late and tat!
    :) Ann

  6. Hmmm....well...not being an Aero fan myself aside...better the Aero mutilated than the project you'd been working so long on. Consider the Aero a martyr. Give it a hero's burial and let it go.

  7. I have at least a dozen Aeros. Began with the German sort (came with the ONE CLASS I ever took in tatting). My Grandson broke the hook from one because he was tatting so TIGHTLY he could not disengage the hook! I like the little butt it has for winding bobbin.
    My FAVORITE AEROS ARE my English Aeros that Jane sent me! I'm rich in English Aeros. the hook on those are slightly longer.
    But to each their own…My second favorite is my silent tatter from rose ground.

  8. I can understand why you would want to do that. I have one similar from Birch Australia. Could not get use to it but I thought I would keep it and try it again sometime later or at least use the hook when I am travelling.

  9. How could you! I have been tatting with Aero shuttles for decades and still love them. You should have found him a new home with someone who would love him. Maybe someone should set up a rehoming service for unloved shuttles, they could start with my inox