Sunday, January 24, 2010

Are You a Collector of Shuttles?

 I am not.  I am a minimalist. It seems that in my life I keep only what I use and hopefully those items will also be objects of beauty.

Remember I received the lovely old shuttles from a woman named Mary?  She had graciously responded to my request for old shuttles, as I often used to ask customers about what happened to the old, family shuttles, unused and tucked away.

 I inherited Mary's and have now had the experience of using them, plus a Milward and an English Aero, that I won on eBay.  You can see I am currently using one of Mary's, the bottom white one that has the thread attached.

The English Aero is the only old shuttles that I will keep - and it  will not be used frequently, as you have seen what happened to the English shuttle's ill-fated German cousin....  but we won't speak of that unfortunate incident.

Since discovering tatting, I have tried many threads and shuttles and other bits and pieces of useful tatting paraphernalia and have slowly learned what works for me. The rest I have given away or  traded as I am happy when things are happily used and appreciated.

The shuttles above I have held on to, as I did not want to be ungrateful; however, it is time for these old dears to move on.

So, if you are a collector and would like  either (A) or (B) or both,  leave me a message. If there are many responses  I will have to have a draw.  The cut-off date is Wednesday the 27th.



  1. Oh, I would very much love to have set "B". They are beautiful. It is very thoughtful of you to pass them on.

  2. Am I a collector? Oh, my goodness... yes! But, I do not have a Milward shuttle in my collection. I would love to be in your drawing!

  3. hi,I love shuttles & specially collect them.I really liked the set 'B' specially milward.thank you.luv edna

  4. I would dearly love B It is very kind of you and I would treasure it!!!!!!

  5. You are generous.
    I would love B, with that indented black one in the top right-hand corner.
    Thank you,

  6. While I appreciate your simplicity; it is good fortune for others!
    I would LOVE both shuttles, or even ONE…and I'll pay he postage!
    Bev :>)

  7. I love the old shuttles I really like the Milward shuttle. Every time I pick one of the old shuttes up I wonder who owned it and what they tatted with it.

  8. I didn't start out being a shuttle collector, it just kind of happened! Over the years I've picked up a few in antique stores, inherited my great-grandmother's shuttles, and have been gifted some real beauties. That's not counting all the Clovers and Lacis shuttles that I use for every day.

    So if you do end up giving away your shuttles, I'd love to be entered in your drawing! I'd give them a good home and they would have a lot of company. It wouldn't matter if it was group A or B, I would welcome either group into my tatting basket.


    Jane S.
    janers41 at hotmail dot com

  9. Hey Fox!
    That Milward looks cool, but I don't think I am a collector of shuttles... except clovers which I seem to pick up compulsively each time I walk past them. It doesn't help that I veer out of my way at JoAnns to walk past them! I think that because I have a couple of Grandma's shuttles, I don't really want any other older shuttles. Odd perhaps, but then again odd is par for the course with me!
    :) Ann

  10. gee Fox..what a question .....does over 100 count as a collector or an idiot??????? LOL
    Admittedly 20 of those are Clovers that are my working shuttles but the rest have been my "must haves" over the last few years.

  11. Would love to take a shuttle off your hands. Enjoy your blog and how you have blossumed as a tatter. Take care and happy tatting - Robert, in northern Iowa

  12. I'd like to win set B. While I have a Milward that I won in an eBay auction it looks like a cat barfed on it, LOL! I'd love to have one that is most likely a little cleaner AND I even got a new pretty box just for my plastic and celluloid shuttles. I separated my fancy or antique shuttle collection because you're not supposed store celluloid with metal shuttles because the celluloid ones give off a gas that discolors the metal ones. That's what I've "heard" at least.
    Please count me in! I'd love to win set B! :)

  13. Hello my dear friend,

    It is so nice of you to pass those shuttles on :) I think I rather leave it for real collectors ! :P

    but I have a question: Do you buy your tatting threads online or do you know of any place in Toronto that I can go to buy tatting threads ?

    I appreciate your help,

  14. Azin,
    I would email you, but I have no address, so I hope you see this!

    Yes, I get all my thread online, as there is not good tatting thread anywhere that I know about in TO.

    There is the shop on Dundas West at Euclid that I told you about, called Melody's House of Crochet, and it carries some DMC #8 pearl, which is soft but colourful. I have used it and it is not too bad. It also carries the larger threads of DMC. They can be used, but are so thick and rather expensive.

    Online is best! Check InTatters for discussions on thread. The link is at the top of this blog. Also, check threads by Tatskool, LadyShuttlemaker and Yarnplayer... : )

    Hope this helps.
    Come and visit!
    Fox : )

  15. Thank you so much ! Yes i saw your answer :)
    I think i will order online then if I didn't find anything...I looked in handy hands and they have a verity of threads ! I remember you told me Lizabeth is the best one...I am not sure about the sizes though. It seems 20 is a good size, or ?

    Thanks for all your help,
    I will leave my email address here,

  16. These shuttles are amazing ..... and I'd like to include in its list ... the truth that I'd settle for either of them .... Milward, here where I live ... do not know .... and better that ever I saw ... only in pictures ....
    Thank you for your genres

  17. I love these shuttles - I'd love any of them!!! :-)

  18. I would love to be a winner in your giveaway. I am a learning tatter.

  19. these r interesting shuttles i've never seen... but i'm not sure if i'm in time for the draw!

  20. I would be tickled to win any of them. Thank you so much for sharing and having a wonderful giveaway :)

  21. Oh yes please, B,B,B...did I make that clear are so sweet to do this.

  22. I would love to win either, but I dearly love B :)
    mathbook28 at gmail dot com

  23. Fox, I don't have a blog (don't know if that's a requirement) but I'd love to be included in the drawing, if possible.