Monday, January 25, 2010

Anxiety Means More Winners

I must be thick-headed, or barring that, unable to be rational at one in the morning!

Of COURSE there are folks out there who lust after that Milward shuttle, as I did when I  bid for it!  That is why no one is as keen to speak for the black shuttles, in the "A" group.

So, since there are quite a few people  in for the draw, I thought it might be better to have a few more people have a "win", even if it is not the Milward.

I have divided the shuttles into three groups, and of course, the first winner will have the Milward, plus an old white shuttle and an Inox, which I have added,  and three others will have  two old shuttles, one black, one white and one Clover each.  To me, this seems more equitable.

I have been fretting all day about fairness as I have never done this before and want to do it well.  This solution seems the right way to go, but if you have a wee frown on your face, please let me know!

If all is well, I will announce the winners on Thursday morning.



  1. Seems fair to me ; and very generous of YOU. We had suns shine today so DH was able to go to town and store. I don't have a Milward, have never seen one in person…Very intrigued.
    xx B

  2. I would be thrilled to win any of the shuttles! I know I already have more than I can tat with at one time, but they're so much fun to fondle!

  3. I am happy with whatever you decide. After all, it is your give-away =) It is very nice for you to include more shuttles!!!

  4. Hi Fox:
    I think that is totally fair. It is kinda of a neat idea because it will keep everyone in stitches or rings and chains, LOL. Can't wait for Thursday.

  5. I wouldn't mind which one I get in the giveaway. it is really sweet of you to include some more shuttles!!!!!!

  6. Lol you can do your giveaway any way you want! Sign me up though......

  7. I'm curious, how comes everyone wants the Milward, are they much better than other shuttles or are they just rare?

    Methinks someone is trying to balance the shuttle karma after killing their Aero, mentioning no names!

  8. I am happy with what ever you decide to do. They are all great shuttles.

  9. This is such a generous thought. Whatever you decide is good with me. After all, it is the thought that counts.

  10. ohhh ohhhh pick me pick me lol

    what you decide is fine!! :)

    Good Luck to EVERYONE!!

  11. Good Luck Everyone!

    Your comment is hilarious LOL! After I had a great laugh, I realized there might just be some truth to what you said!

    Maybe I AM trying to right my 'shuttle karma' just a tad. Perhaps a bit of remorse at that senseless murde... mmmm accident.....

    I think there is a mystique around this shuttle as it is so hard to find. Plus, it is a lovely shuttle to tat with. They originally came with a little hook, that, unfortunately, I did not get with mine.

    Fox : )

  12. Frown? I've got a big smile!!!! You are so funny worrying about fairness. The whole idea is SO fair in the first place!!!
    I started my tatting life at the age of 13 with Milwards which were made in a factory just about 20 miles away. The Aeros were made there too!!!

  13. A girl just can't have enough shuttles.

    Mobile, AL.
    LeVert92 at

  14. Who could frown at your generous offer?! All of the shuttles are fantastic and anyone would be happy as a lark to win them. Pick me, pick me!

  15. Wow, I missed alot in the almost week I was is so generous of you to do.. I should know, I've been a recent reciepant of your kindness.. ^_^

  16. Sign me up, please -- a chance to win a free shuttle? More than one? Have I died and gone to summer camp?

    Have never tried a Milward, but would love to. Crossing my fingers and all that jazz.

  17. I guess you can put my name in the draw as well. I don't have any of the shuttles you have pictured, so I have no preference either.

  18. New shuttles, even if they're old shuttles, are always fun to have. I'd like to have my name tossed in the hat as well. Thanks!