Monday, December 7, 2009

Today, It's All About Karey!

 Karey Solomon , that is.  I couldn't wait to do my new favourite pattern, as I thought this thread and the pattern are so absolutely perfect for someone I am seeing next week and to whom I want to give  'a little something'.  This is a person who will appreciate a tatted gift. Yay!

Kind Hearts and Coronets,
from Karey Solomon's booklet Tatting for the Tree,
Karey's 's gorgeous HDT in size #30.

I LOVE this!


  1. Your new snowflake looks lovely! Glad you're enjoying your book! Karey has a lot of admirers of her designs her in the online tatting world!

  2. Very nice! Excellent job, so far. Definitely one of the prettiest snowflake patterns I've seen, but this pattern drives me crazy. I must have opened rings six or seven times.

  3. I love it too! That thread is so earthy and beautiful!

    I really gotta make a book wish list...

    :) Ann

  4. That is one lucky person to be receiving your snowflake!!