Monday, December 14, 2009

Mellow Yellow

 This one is such fun.  I deserve it!  The shopping is done, my bags are packed - going to see my daughter in The Big Apple this week.  She will be spending Christmas with her hubby's family in New Jersey. So, I will hop a plane later this week!

Also, #4 TAT exercise: DONE!  Yay!


Yellow. I thought I would play with this colour that has been eluding me all my life.  Yellow.

I have never worn it, as it always makes me appear too sallow.  I have not decorated with it because I am a white with blue or green kind of palette in decorating and design.

There is a single yellow, ceramic pot on the floor of my place, because I feel it is very French and a lovely accent for all my white and bits of French Provincial blue.  But, that's it.

I have never appreciated its warmth and radiance till I became so enamoured with this ENDLESS skein of Yarnplayer's  'Roses'!

The dollar store yellow - and they are very YELLOW - beads that I thought I would NEVER use, but they came with the other options, are PERFECT with this thread.

Look, how pretty!



  1. Lovely, lovely! I'm another yellow-non-user. That could make me change my mind though. Looks good enough to eat -- like cherry and lemon hard candy!

  2. Giggle - Thanks, Marty! Exactly what I am feeling about it!

  3. Oh I adore yellow! I can't wear it either....people come up to me and say, "oh are you feeling alright dear? are you sleeping enough?" Lol..... my husband and children have that delicious warm skintone and they can wear pumpkin and olive and all the wonderful fall colors that I can't, so at least I can make them wear yellow and look at them all day!

  4. You sound very organised Fox, shopping done, bags packed. Hope you have a lovely Christmas. I never wear yellow for the same reason as you, however I do love the colour especially mixed with red and orange,reminds me of Summer - which seems so far off, so what are you making? Happy holiday.

  5. Krystle, My kids have that lovely warm compplexion as well. Good idea: MAKE them wear yellow for your enjoyment! Very nice... LOL! ; ))

    Sally, Yes, well organized, that would be me. VERY organized: classic ADD aymptom! But, in this situaltion I am glad of it!

    What I am making? Next post, it'll be there!
    Fox : )

  6. Yellow is sooooooooo bright & cheery! I don't wear it, but I love it every where else.

  7. My son looks grand in yellow and warm, Autumn tones, bless him. Love Krystle's idea!

    *Sigh* Your lovely tatting makes me yearn to pull out my skein of Yarnplayer's Roses. I haven't yet, because I'm saving it for a bigger project. (And because I know that once I start tatting with it, I won't be able to stop.) Roses is such a romantic and alluring colorway.

    Right now I am quite enamored of Tatskool's Bracken Crunch HDT. Just can't seem to put it down!

    Wishing you a fabulous holiday!

  8. I do like yellow. I plan to paint my currently purple bedroom white and use lots of yellow accents. My 1st hubby bought me a yellow & white checkered pantssuit for Xmas right before he died. I really didn't like the checks but I wore it because HE liked it. My 2nd hubby wanted me to wear yellow when we got married so I did. Never thought *I* looked good in yellow but apparently they both did.

    I opened up the pic and saw those beads up close. My first thought was lemon and my mouth watered. LOL! Then I saw that Marty mentioned cherry & lemon hard candy. They do look delicious! Soooo...whattayer makin'?