Sunday, December 27, 2009

Loving Dr. Von Threadmore's Gorgeous Green

Lucky for me, this time I had enough of Krystledawn's  new HDT on the shuttles to finish the motif, which is much larger than I thought it would be.The finished piece is over four and a half inches across. I seriously fretted towards the end...

But, no worries!

The pattern is The Second Day of December from Lene Bjørn's 24 Snowflakes in Tatting.  I used green and silver beads that appear all silver when tatted.  This was very satisfying to tat, perhaps because of the larger dimensions.

The green and teal tones in the thread are beautiful.  I have not used a lot of green and I would order this colour again, but not this kind of thread! This was a test run for the good Doctor, as she was perfecting her bubbling experiments and this happens to be a soft - maybe #20 Cébélia, which was brutal to un-tat;: it kept splitting. But, the colour...Yum!

The good Doctor had warned us about this;  I am just giving you an update! Her colour rocks!

As usual, it took me hours to figure out the directions and I tatted the whole thing backwards - but how would anyone but me know that!  Oh, I do so love dyslexia!


  1. Just gorgeous and the beads really compliment the piece,

  2. The thread is beautiful! It looks wonderful!

  3. Backwards, forwards or upside down, it is a BEAUTIFUL piece and very well tatted! The doctor knows green - the shadings are so subtle and pretty you would expect to see this motif on the forest floor. AWESOME job Fox!

    :) Ann

  4. That really is a pretty color! You did a nice job. The beads are really nice, too!

  5. You did a great job, lovely colour. I don't think there is any such thing as's just the diagram that's backwards!

  6. Lol I tat everything backwards I think. So glad you like the color! And all the new stuff is Lizbeth for sure......The Dr. has been pestering me to let her have at it again.....our closing date on our house got pushed out, so her wish may come true.

  7. Forwarded the link to this fabulous post to the other tatting lady in my lace guild (I've only been a member for a two or three months.) because the tatting is so exquisite and the colorway looks so rich and verdant. I hope you don't mind! She also has a skein of this colorway (a gift from me) and I knew she would be thrilled to see how beautifully it works up.

    Sewmuchfun commented on the the subtle coloring of your motif, saying, "you would expect to see this motif on the forest floor." Wouldn't that make a terrific name for this colorway?

    Happiest of New Year festivities to you and yours, and warm wishes for health and prosperity in 2010!

  8. Lovely! The thread colorway is truly unique! LOL! I like the fact that you tatted it backwards! It turned out looking better than fine!