Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year, Tat-Land!

The last post of the year and what better way to tie it all up but in a pair of little, beaded socks for the Mini-Boss, whose arrival will seem even closer tomorrow, with the beginning of a new month in a brand spanking new year!

Lady ShuttleMaker's Peach Pandora,#20
and a vintage border pattern from... ?
I scanned it ages ago and now forget!

The border of these socks brings my Motif Challenge number to 13. Not bad!


  1. they are loverleeeeeeeeeey, she is a lucky lass. Happy New Year

  2. Happy New Year, Fox!
    Cute socks - I love the colors! How long is it until they will have little feet in them? This pregnancy seems like it is taking AGES! Ha! Ha! I used to HATE it when people would say that to me! At least she's in the birth YEAR now!
    :) Ann