Saturday, December 19, 2009

Furtively Speaking.....

Big emphasis on 'Fur'.

Both are beautiful, but the fur belongs on and to the one on the left.  Unfortunately, the one on the right hoovers it all right up and will not let go.

I discovered this when I checked out the last motif I posted; the picture, large on my monitor, was COVERED with CAT HAIR!  Gross!

How do you remove animal hair from your work? I mean, short of washing it.  I wave it around, pull out individual hairs with my fingers and have considered using tape...

Currently working on Jon's 'Spring Blossom', with LadyShuttlemaker's  HIMALAYAN POPPY, #50.

There are a lot of stop and go's, as I am living with 2 small children at the moment.

I do not know how tatters with youngsters get anything done - let alone complete some of the gorgeous work posted on so many sites. I have just about given up doing any tatting on this sojourn!  Too many interruptions!

Hoping in a big way that the problems I am encountering with this pattern can ALL be blamed on the small fry and NOT on my tatting abilities!


  1. Wow Fox! That is a truly AWESOME picture!!! Really, really - it should be on a tatting calendar! Quilters have them - why not tatters?

    The motif you are working on is beautiful! It looks like you are making excellent progress despite the best efforts of the young 'uns. This is why I stay up late - problem is late hours and tatting don't always mix - whine, pitiful sob...

    And did I mention, that's a GREAT picture!
    :) Ann

  2. I know how you feel my cat loves to lie all over my tatting as well. Although I wouldn't be without her. Margaretha. Qld. AUST

  3. I don't have the fur problem, but when the grandchildren are around, I get very little done. That's okay... I don't get to see them very often, and I love the time I get with them. Now if they were with me for an extended period of time, I think I'd just have to give them each a shuttle and thread so that they could tat!

  4. You know, I remember the days when my kids were small and wondering if I would EVER have time to work on my stuff. I was a nightowl and many many times stayed up past midnight to finish something. I had to be sleep-deprived but it's easier to deal with when you're young and eager to do EVERYTHING! Now I just wonder if I can stay up long enough to start something. LOL!

  5. Oh, and where is that pattern from? I know I've got it but it's not coming to mind. Love it - it's a nice smallish piece that lends itself well to framing.

  6. Fox, I've wondered the same thing. How do Krystle and other Mommies do fantastic tatting and have 'ankle biters' (as we use to refer to our pre toddler child).
    Hair: Well, I'd use scotch tape or one of the rollers that I use on Loyal's suit. But scotch or duck tape works well. If it is too tacky, use the same trick we graphic folks used (remember) lay tape against material first, pull it off and it is less tacky but still picks up.

    I've not been tatting because of this terrible flu-like plague that Bekah's step father brought from CA. My 'other' daughter tells me they call it the CA Plague and that it hangs on. All I know is that DH is really sick, feverish and coughing his head off. As usual, mine went straight to my chest, but I just haven't felt like raising my head. I'm really trying to revive before Christmas. ugh...
    XXX BJ

  7. Tape is the answer my cat hairs that actually get tatted INTO the piece, that's a WHOLE 'NOTHER STORY!!! They are in there to stay...short of shaving the piece there is nothing much you can do because if you pull on them they are tatted in and they just break off so try to break them off as close as possible to the piece so it doesn't much.

    Good luck! Yes, they are both beautiful!

  8. I have a particularly loose fibered scarf. The fibres seem to stick to my clothes for ever, and when they find their way into my white tatting they just wont come out. they become part of the stitches and i see orange shading.yuk. Hope you can get the cat hair out.

  9. Merry Christmas, Fox, peace and health to you and your family.
    A kiss

  10. I think your cat should model all your tatting - gorgeous! Happy Winter Solstice!

  11. Oh what a PURR-TY KITTY!!!! Gorgeous blue eyes, and STUNNING photo! Have you mentioned what breed it is? It was interesting your mentioning "Himalayan" thread, because he/she almost looks like a Himalayan, but the nose is not pushed in (which pleases me), and it seems to have shorter hair. Of course, they ALL shed, even the shorthairs!

    The beautiful tatted motif looks like a pattern that possibly is Iris Niebach's. It seems I read somewhere that it was a free pattern by Iris, but I can't find it. I've always admired it.

    Hope you have a great Christmas!

  12. Hi Kathy
    Try this:
    or, just ask for Iris Free patterns and it is #3. I did it a while back and loved tatting it. Such a pleasing shape.

    My cat is male, a Burmilla! (Part Tiffany, part Burmese). The most wonderful disposition of these cats is legend. They are exceptionally affectionate and loyal. And VERY beautiful!
    Fox : )

  13. I have a dog hair problem...he knows not come near me when I knit or do any hand work. He creeps up close to me then slowly scoots over to where he is touching me then falls asleep. I would have no idea how to deal with cats or children. Your cat is beautiful....his eyes are amazing.
    Your tatted piece is very pretty. I gave mine away like that already so I should make another.