Friday, December 11, 2009

Disgruntled, or perhaps, Not Gruntled

If you are not inept, are you ept? Am I going to be gruntled, if I can figure out this Celtic Knot Tatting SOMETIME in the near future?

The first is the second attempt.  I thought I had it figured out last week, but I really did not get it.  Not quite.  I now know exactly how to do it , but the execution of such knowledge is in a completely different skills category. (and why does gory and cat together mean a class of things? Is this a veterinary derivation?)

The second is the final try.

Bear in mind, if you will, that I used #10 thread to do these as I thought it would be easier to see the stitches. It felt like tatting in stiff porridge.

Maybe, to cheer myself up, (LOL) I will begin #4 of TAT this evening.


  1. Hey Fox!
    Ermmmm... it was me - comments are fine. I hope you are soon gruntled and I am embodied. Apparently all the ideas rattling in my head have separated me from reality and basic tasks such as commenting.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding with your INept, hoping to be ept, friend,
    Ann :)

  2. Tatskool, Glad you liked it! A pleasure to hear you did. : )

    Ann, I beg to differ, my friend; I think you are abundantly ept! LOL!