Thursday, December 24, 2009

After A Week of Calamitous Tatting...

It may not be beautiful, but it is complete, and there is the miniscule, remaining remnant of Sherry's HDT!


  1. I think it is very pretty and I really do like the arrangement of the colors . But I'm sorry you had a 'calamitous' tatting week. With this flu, I just haven't tatted at all ~ and that is so unlike me ~
    Sun is out today, eves dripping but DH did take some snow-filled Christmas photos for me. XX B

  2. It's lovely! Ah, isn't it nice when things "click" again with the tatting? :)

  3. it's beautiful and no Oren Bayen in sight. Happy Christmas.

  4. Oh, I feel your pain! The past two days have been crappy for me, a week would make me cry. Have a great holiday, Fox!

  5. My friend, I'm afraid you have had a run in with the Curse of the Bambino - or in your case - Bambinos... Little kids are SO SWEET, but tatting with them around is like tatting with a little Godzilla by your side. I feel confident you will be back in the swing of things tout de suite! And I think your motif IS in fact beautiful!

    :) Ann

  6. Just love the colours they go together really well!!!! Have a Happy New Year!!!
    Margaretha. QLD. AUST