Thursday, July 30, 2009

Playing Hanky Panky with the Edge.....

Well - it all started out when I was clearing out Mom's apartment and I found a collection of old hankies. We are talking about sixty year old pieces of fabric. I kept a few of them that look like they will lend themselves to tatted edgings.

There was a green one with an "A" on it, that old "penicillin" green colour. The initial pleased me, as my Mom's and my granddaughter's names begin with this letter. I could give the hanky to my grand-baby, as a keepsake and reminder of her great-grandmother!

I happened to find the perfect thread for the crochet border in my sewing box, which I promptly crocheted to the edge of the hanky in preparation for tatting.

Then I found the tatting thread - or thought I did - Cebelia #20, in that same dated minty green.

Next, the pattern. After careful consideration of about seven hundred thousand, I picked my favourite and was ready to proceed. The fates were not with me, however, for the Cebelia was way too clunky and the pattern was tedious and not quite right for the cloth.


Needing a break, I went for a walk and took a few pictures. Upon returning, I looked at them, and the pink flower amidst the sea of green gave me an idea; I sought out my stash ...

There it was. DMC #80 variegated and dark green #80 Majestic. Excited, I began the border .

I LOVE this little border and I cannot do it! I cannot believe how many times I have started this and ended up in complete frustration and BLIND RAGE! I CANNOT do this pattern in this thread. It is not to be! SOB!

So, finally, when I realized it was not going to happen, no matter how I tried, I went looking for a new pattern, tried a few out, and came up with my last choice.

Voilà! It is the last one, looking a little like a bunch of grapes....

Now I have to figure out how to turn the corner. This task may produce another night saddled with that frequent interloper: AM Insomnia.



  1. I could feel your frustration, its so annoying when you spend hours and hours trying to do something and it all goes wrong especially with tatting. However, the thread you have chosen is just right and I'm sure you will turn the corner in every respect! The hankerchiefs are lovely, I like the mint colour.

  2. I like the bunch of grapes border! Do you have a small mirror that you can hold by the corner to figure out the turn? I used to do that with my quilts, and I know I've seen someone blog about it for tatted edgings. Have fun, and don't stay up too late!

  3. I think you have picked very good colors for your edging and you granddaughter will be very pleased.
    having a pattern not work is emmensely frustrating. I can relate. you have a very good eye for color and the edging you have decided on will look very good.

  4. Sally, Thank you for the confidence in my ability to round those corners. Actually, it can be done with no change to the pattern! Lucky I tried it out after only a few repeats! Yayy! : ))

    Diane, I don't get the mirror thing; I am so dyslexic that it might not work for me! But, nice tip - I will give it a go!!! Fox : )

    Hi, Ladytats, Thanks for the compliment! I love those colours and I am glad you think they work well. : )

  5. Love your choice. Good luck with the conner.

  6. Hi Fox, I love the shades in the thread that you have chosen for the edging.
    I have written something in my blog about how to get a corner using a mirror like what Diane mentioned. It is not a tutorial as such but more like a tip. After you have found the corner design that you like, it will help if sketch out the shape and make a few tries to check the stitch count. Hope this helps.

  7. Thanks, Trudy! : )

    Jon, THANKS! This makes perfect sense and is not at all what I thought Diane was saying. I really require a visual! I have a cutting board and a mirror - so I am in business!
    Fox : ))

  8. I love this thread color the most of all the size 80's. All your edgings look beautiful, even if they are not what you wanted them to be.

    Please tell me how you do the photo vignette! There are so many times I want to group photos together like that but I don't think my editing program has that capability. Or if it does, I'm ignorant of it!

  9. Hi Gina One word: Picasa! I upload to flickr using this programme - have used it for three years. It does minimal editing ( I didn't want Photo Shop - too heavy handed) and has a few little gems like the collage capability. Very easy on the computer memory as well unless you keep a ton of pics on your computer.
    Thanks for your comments about the edgings. I am always happy when someone else likes my tatting! I love these edges- must be that pretty thread!

  10. It ís looking very pretty seen from here.
    Remember you can use a mirror when designing those hanky corners.

  11. Thanks, Susanne. I amp pleased with it so far, but I am only about 1/3 done! The corners look as if they will take care of themselves, and I do not want to attract attention to them as there is enough going on with the variegated thread, initial and so forth.