Saturday, June 13, 2009

Earrings are IT!

I have been saying in the comments I send to other blogs that I am ging to try my hand at earrings. I have said it a lot. I am tired of saying it.
So..... Ta-Da!

My First Earring!

It not be the prettiest thing in town, but, I even used beads, strung them; I did not do picot bead joins, and if I had the little earring finding, I would wear them with pride!

I say 'them', but in fact it is really only IT! I have not yet attempted a follow-up to this small miracle.

Thank you very much, Elizabeth. This pattern was easy to follow!


A Few Hours Later ... Woo Hoo!

Fox ~ Aspiring Adept of TATROMANCY (magical meanderings with rings, chains and picots)~


  1. Woo Hoo! Congratulations on your first tatted earrings! :)

  2. Thanks, TattingChic! These are pretty ugly, but they are MINE! : )) Fox

  3. I don't think they're ugly at all! I love the color combo. Good for you!

  4. Very beautiful earring and maple leaf!

  5. Diane and Carla - You are both too kind! I noticed that I erred on one and put a bead in the wrong place - Still cannot figure out how NOT to have that happen - technique is still beyond me, but it was so much fun I am going to try again.

  6. Cute! Are those seed beads? How did you string them? I am a horrible bead stringer. I have to put a TON of them in a cup and jab at them with a bead needle. If the thread is too thick to be doubled on the needle and still go through the bead I am OUT OF LUCK!

    You continue to impress...

  7. Hi, Ann, Thank you! The beads: something from the dollar store - Got a bunch of colours in little glass vials for $1. Like you,I use a threading needle, put about 8 on that, and then transfer them to my tatting thread. The difficult part is that the beads are cheap and have very irregular holes that are a pain to get on the threader. Sorry, You cannot just jab at them! LOL! : ) Fox

  8. I like your earrings-I think they are cute! Better watch it- you start with one pair ...soon it is two...and the next thing you know you have created thousands(ok hundreds)! I know it has happened to me:) Lol.

  9. Great first earrings!
    Now - about beading needles...I need to post on my blog about this. For years, I used the "big eye" needle but with irregular beads, the one with the tiny hole was a major source of frustration. Just recently I tried the beading needle with the collapsible eye (I just couldn't visualize it actually collapsing enough to let beads through) and it is superb! It even seems to pick up the beads easier, little duckies all in a row and I just slide them down on the thread! That might be a good tute, huh?

  10. Oh, and Fox, are you anywhere near Cambridge, Ontario? I'll be teaching there at the end of Sept. with the lace guild, Fringe Element Tatters for their tat day. I'm teaching 2 classes and one will be about beads, how to use them, the different ways to put them on, etc. The other will be about reading, interpreting and updating vintage patterns. A good way to meet more tatters & some vending there too!

  11. Hi TAT19540 - I am afraid I might be headed down that path! Thanks for the visit!

    Gina - Great idea for a tutorial. YES!!! I am about an hour and How exciting! Keep me posted about where and when. : ))

    What are collapsible needles? The long and skinny soft ones? Fox

  12. they're pretty...^_^
    Like you; I always want to make this earrings, just don't have the chance yet! Ouch...gotta make one for myself this week ^_^