Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Not At All Impressed

Mr G may not be impressed with my tatting...

But I am certainly taken with his fine teeth! 
We brush!

Taking a Jan Stawasz break, 
I felt like a few small Mary Konior motifs, 
tatted with the remaining Karey Solomon HDT, #40.

Then another of Frivole’s - latest pattern Snowdrop,
this time tatted in DMC #60, a WONDERFUL thread.

This one is smaller than 
the DMC Cordonnet #30tatted previously:

The hankie edging - Hedgehogs - in #80 Lizbeth is a slow one to tat. 
Not hard, but very time-consuming. I really like this Mary Konior edging.


  1. Your motifs are fabulous!!! :) And that is a beautiful colorway!! :)
    Your snowflakes are splendid!!! :)
    And your edging is awe inspiring!!! :)

  2. Love all the eye candy you've shared ! No wonder Mr G needs to have his teeth brushed - he's been feeding his eyes on your tatting, when the camera isn't focused on him ;-)

  3. My goodness, you've been busy! I do like Karey's thread, and I'm glad to see you've put it to good use!

  4. Cast have a way of makings us feel not quite as important huh :) Although Mr Gee's eyes really match the blue in that doily. Love that hand died stuff what a nice variegated color. Snow flakes are fun I like doing them now cause then you have time to make them, before the time gets too close.

  5. Well, the Mr. may not be impressed, but I sure am!

    You brush? ? ? You are very, very brave . . . had I attempted to brush the teeth of either of my "babies" I would have had shredded hands! :)

    1. I have to be honest... I do have a few, well...scars...!!!

  6. He may not be impressed, but we are, Lovely tatting, and little motifs,
    I have just finished as well Frivole's snowflake and it looks lovely you did a great tatting job with it.
    The hanky edging is coming, I know I get fed up with them, it going to lovely on that hanky
    Love to Mr G I hope after reading all these comments he gets impressed, Cleaning teeth, you are brave.