Sunday, December 18, 2016

Lightening Speed

Yes! Almost at Row 16, the penultimate row. That seems so quick, after months of lolygagging.  That word is for you, Nin! πŸ˜‚.)

Here I am, a few motifs back:

Rita's large, smooth and wonderful shuttles have certainly made the process easier. As a bobbin-tatter, I am surprised this is going so well. The shuttles hold a ton of thread, so I don't have to keep rewinding, which is also a time-saver.


  1. You are making great progress! I'm glad you like Rita's shuttles. You have two of my favorites. I purchased the blue for obvious reasons, and the red one reminds me of my mom... red is her favorite color, and garnet is her birthstone. She'll be 85 in January!

  2. Your new Center piece on your Christmas table .... Maybe
    Love to Mr G