Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fun With Frivole

Look what came in the mail!

One Shuttle: front and back

 Quelle surprise! That Frivole makes such beautiful shuttles and one with a zentangle on it is wonderful.

She will make you one for you with one of my designs on it, if you are so inclined - or one of yours if you want!

I had to search my files to see which tile she had used... Sneaky!  She uploaded pics from my Instagram site! Clever Miss!

This shuttle is definitely an effective inducement to tat!

Thank you, Frivole!


  1. What a good friend you have. Who wouldn't love those shuttles.

  2. Frivole has, I think, achieved what the rest of us probably could not have! But what a wonderful bait she's thrown.Enjoy this special shuttle.

  3. What a fantastic idea. The shuttles look fabulous!

  4. I love this idea, but I don't use those kind of shuttles would she cover a different kind?

  5. Those are great! You did a good project and Frivole used it fantastically!

  6. What a lovely surprise and using one of your patterns, that must be one of your favourite shuttles now
    Love to Mr G

  7. Just beautiful, you both have great talent, what a nice way to use your drawings!