Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I was really not pleased with the first Starlight Doily, tatted totally with Lizbeth #80. It was a twisty mess and I had made a lot of stitch count errors.

So, I tried again, this time using DMC Cordonnett #80 and blue variegated Lizbeth, which I had in my thread box and knew it was a pretty good ball - smooth and non- twisty.

This one was so much easier to tat; I could see what I was doing; the tatting stayed flat and the threads had no slubs, twists; it did not break once.

The DMC is certainly a lovely thread to use.


  1. It's interesting the difference the background makes. But your final piece is just lovely! The color combo is wonderful!

  2. Great outcome! I'm using DMC cebelia for the leaf braid and it's a good thread too, smooth and well twisted without being kinky.

  3. Beautiful, the background makes a difference to the picture and shows the pattern better.
    Love to MrG