Thursday, March 26, 2015

Results of The Re-Tat

Oh the joys of cutting off every single motif and re-attaching them all! But it is done. I had even inadvertently snipped into the row belore, so another fix was necessitated.

I have an excuse - eye infection! So I was not seeing properly. Now, the medication is working, but makes vision still a bit blurry, but almost back to normal - whatever that is!

Here it is to this point. Now I had better get cracking on Renata’s Wiosna, Row 9.

Here it was a few days ago:

I agree with tatters who said they did not see the problem - the errors are clear,  but really only obvious to a tatter who examines the work closely will pick up on them; the same error is repeated a couple of times. At least I am consistent!  

Those mistakes were ALL I could see. : ))


  1. I understand completely! Once we know a mistake is there, it seems it's the only thing we can focus on. This doily is looking lovely!

  2. It looks good. I didn't even try to find the mistakes. If I was making this I might have been able to, but just looking at it to enjoy how pretty it is I can't see them. But once knowing about the problems it would be hard not to see them every time you looked at the doily, so better to take care of it and go on. Sorry to hear about your eyes. With you working in such small threads it must have been pretty hard to see. Glad you are on the road to recovery.

  3. I don't see the difference, but I sure do see a very beautiful doily!!! :)

  4. I haven't tatted for many years yet--still fairly new at it but practice A LOT. Probably more than I should. However, I've been a needle artist with crocheting and knitting and sewing most of my life, and I consider it a skill to make a mistake work without picking it out--as long as it still looks good/works with the next step of the pattern.

    I totally understand taking it out, but I also think if it doesn't alter the beauty of the work then it's ok to accept mistakes as part of our human experience.

  5. I don't know if I should admit that I don't see where the mistakes were! But I like the way the color combination enhances the design.

    1. That made me laugh! I attached the white motif surround to the round chains between the motifs in two spots. There are two rings between each motif and there should be a curved ring below them in each case. Once you see it it seems very obvious but there is a lot going on for the eye to take in. I love that you looked!

  6. I am not going to look at every join, ring etc, just going to take your word for it.
    It does look gorgeous and I love your colour combo.
    Well done
    Love to Mr G