Saturday, November 15, 2014

Festive Frolic

This motif is from the DMC Festive Tatting book. 

Frivole was right - it is difficult to avoid “gaposis,” and there is an unevenness that occurs in the pattern going from one repeat to the next, and at the top of each onion ring where there is a small ring, and once again in the final ring of each clover.

As Frivole suggested, I added a half-ds to the small ring on top of the onion ring, so it would not be lopsided. Then I added two at the end which made it even better - good tip for anyone tatting this motif.

I tried a number of solutions, from SLT to an extra join here and there, in an attempt to accomplish a pleasing symmetry, but just could not come up with a workable, consistent solution.

In spite of the difficulties with this pattern, I do like the end result.

The thread I used is #40 Lizbeth. I have 2 almost-finished balls of #40, and it was a nice change from the finer threads I have been tatting with for months.


  1. A sweet motif, obviously trickier to tat than one would expect!

  2. Lovely piece of tatting, lovely pattern, I think I must add this book to my wish list.
    Well done
    Love to Mr G.

  3. I do have this book and have not tried it but this pattern does call out. do you use shuttle and ball or 2 shuttles? I is beautiful regardless of your struggles.

  4. Hi Madtatter. You have to use two shuttles as there is a lot of switching. It's fun to tat in spite of any difficulties. : )

  5. Lovely green and great tip to avoid the gap.