Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Going Green

Oh oh. Methinks too much tatting in front of Mr. G

Again. And again and again with this pattern!
The next row is where I screwed up the last time.

Seems to me this piece is smaller and tighter than the 
pink, though both are tatted in the same #30 thread.

The pink was beginning to make me bilious!
Time for another colour...



  1. I hope the latest version goes perfectly smoothly! I read Totusmel's blog regularly but seldom write comments, but the jellyfish are so unusual and beautiful that I just had to pipe up.
    And the addition of small lights is magic.

  2. That does look like a big size difference between the green doily and the pink version, perhaps your tension has gotten tighter or is it a different brand of thread?
    I agree that Totusmel's jellyfish are amazing works of fiber art.

  3. The jelly fish is super cool make you feel like a swim, but then again not with a jelly fish!
    I think that doily is unique with an illusion to it very interesting!

    1. That is precisely why I do not give up on it! : )

  4. LOL! I had to laugh at Mr. G's expression! Yes, I think you captured his thoughts exactly! :) The doily is a very nice pattern! I can certainly see why you are persevering with it! I think this will be the time you make it all the way to the end with it!

  5. Great photo of Mr. G! Hang in there with the doily. Off to check out those jelly fish.

  6. I am laughing at him, great picture, hang in there it will come right
    Live the jelly fish
    Sorry this is late