Monday, June 16, 2014

Tatting Tribulations

This was yesterday’s progress:

I was discouraged, though today, with another round,  
it is looking a bit brighter:

Because I was feeling that I couldn't tat worth beans 
I had to switch gears. I had to tat something I liked.

So, out came the little Japanese book, Tatting Lace.

 I managed one of my favourites:

Needing still more reinforcement for my tatters' soul, 
I started the motif in another thread - #70 Venus - from Liyarra, 
and, of course, the join separated in the centre! 
I really hate that!

And I was so enjoying the thread ...

Then, I managed a small motif in the Venus from a
Russian book from Kristen

Whatever he’s thinking, I must agree...


  1. Tasty tatting! I ALMOST didn't notice it because I was distracted by that handsome kitty! ;)

  2. That's just a bummer, the opening join! Um, whuzzat? What did I DO? lol Been there!

    Your work is looking good, chickie! I like the new rounds on the challenge motif too!

  3. Hi Fox

    The motifs are looking very nice, Oh dear what a pity it came apart in the middle, glad you were able to close it up.
    He's looking good, I am glad he can read the book, I am sure he was a tatter in another life.
    Love to Gian

  4. It looks like a difficult pattern, so don't be discouraged! I like your cheering up tatting, apart from the opening ring, very annoying.

  5. You didn't find the Venus 70 was too twisty? - maybe , years ago, I got a bad batch! I sympathise with all the trouble you're having with the motif, and I am quite sure that I will never be tempted to try this particular pattern!

  6. All your tatting is beautiful, love the green and yellow, so sad to see middle come apart like that it is like looking at a smashed flower :(

  7. The tatting is all lovely. Sorry the middle came apart on the one - why is it they wait until we are almost FINISHED with the round before something goes wrong. Do you think the thread does it on purpose? Looks like Mr. G is admiring the picture on the cover of your tatting book. Do you think he is hoping you will make that pattern next? ;-) Oh, what a gorgeous cat he is!

  8. Lovely! Which Japanese Tattes Lace book is that? (I think they're all called "Tatted Lace. :-). ). It looks just like the center of a doily from one of the Priscilla books. I'm curious to know if they match.

    I'm always so impressed with how much you are able to tat in a day and how lovely it is!

    1. Jessica, I included a photo of the book I used. : )

  9. Thank you for your terrific support ...and humour, dear Tatters. I really needed it this week, : )

    Tsuru, I trust you enjoyed my photos! I had my human take them for you in the most attractive lighting... Love, Gian

  10. Lovely doily!!! :)
    I love your motif!!! :)

  11. You must tat like lightning! Speedy fingers, Fox. Glad you got in some happy tatting. The doily is looking good.

  12. Glad you like the Venus 70 - it is still one of my favourite threads in both 70 and 40!! Maureen you must have got the dud batch like I have had with Lizbeth!

    If you need more Fox just gimme a yell. have the whole color range here in 70!

  13. Hi Fox, you do get such a lot done!! I particularly like the little motif in green Venus but as Maureen said, when I tried it, I found it very twisty.

    I'm going to have to go check out that Japanese book...

  14. Haha! I must be blind. Very clever to include the picture. It's not one I have. I'll have to go looking. Thanks!

    1. Not blind! I added the pic AFTER you commented! : ))

  15. Ahhh. Ok. Good. Now I feel better. Thanks for putting it in! :-)