Thursday, June 12, 2014

Serwetka Letnia 2014 - Thanks to Renulek!

Finished! Just under 10 inches, tatted in #80 thread. The last row is a lovely caramel DMC from Tatty Tally that I settled on at the last moment and I think it is the right colour for the outer edge. Thanks, Tally.

Many thanks again to Renata for designing such a beautiful piece. Her patterns are delightful to work with and I have enjoyed every one that I have tatted. They are clever,  precise and versatile, looking very different in whatever colour way is chosen.


  1. Gorgeous- Gorgeous! I love the caramel.

    Feedly is broken today so I just typed in tat-ology. Have you ever looked at tee hee!

  2. Who-oo, well done, it looks wonderful. Yes, perfect outline.

  3. Color choices look perfect! It's beautiful.

  4. Look wonderful I am still on round 9, I waited to see if she would add another on round 8, I left town and the next day she started 9, of well :) I am excited and like how yours turned out and love the final color, great choice!

  5. Wonderful! You choose such lovely color combinations. 10 inches in size 80 - that's a lot of tatting.

  6. That is a truly wonderful colour combination, Fox. This is an unusual work. I am glad that you found a good usage for that caramel ball.
    How is the weather now in Toronto? Hope it is Sunny and not too hot, like here.

    1. Thanks, Talky.

      I have nearly two balls of the caramel! Love the colour.

      Almost perfect weather in Toronto - about 24 degrees and sunny. Any hotter and I get cranky! : ))

  7. Thank you Tatters! This was a joy to tat. : )

  8. Stunning colours and beautiful tatting as always.
    I am making a doily as a gift (different pattern) but it is not turning out the way I want. I plan to tat this one instead, now that I have finished my Spring Doily.

  9. It looks gorgeous, Fox ! Your mix of variegated with plains, and the lights with 'darks', have given this doily a unique look.
    How long before Renata comes up with another beautiful doily ? Any guesses :-))

  10. Beautiful! I love your color choices! I'm working the same doily in size 20, so I imagine it will be huge when finished. It's nice to know what the finished size is in different threads.