Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lazy Luck

From yesterday:
Brabant by Adelheid Dangala

Compared to the last one:

Look at the long chains in the centre.

I ditched the doily. 

Yes. I have become proficient in the past weeks at stopping that which I do not like! This is good, as my aim is to improve my tatting, not to tat as fast as I can.  'Switch of focus’ is my new challenge.

Also I could not stand to waste any more of Karey’s limited and wonderful HDT on a piece that I was beginning to loathe! The colours of the threads were so ugly to me that I had to stop.

So, this time, as I repeated Brabant, which is not as easy as it looks. For me it is necesary to really pay attention to keeping all the elements the same size and shape. Compare this aspect as well with the two motifs and you can see what I am referring to.

Stephanie had alerted me to the dds, which I wanted to use on the chains but I was too lazy to check and see how to tat them and so I just plowed ahead with what I thought was the right method. It wasn’t!

I tatted 2 first-half ds, followed by two second-half ds instead, and shortened the stitch count. I really like what happened!

The lovely pattern Oval Pattern by Linda Davies will be tatted in another thread - a finer one. It will look much prettier. 

Thanks so much, Stephanie! Your thoughts are so helpful!


  1. Love the second Brabant with the dds. What a great idea. The HDT is lovely. Looks wonderful!

  2. So if someone were to buy her book would you do all the double stitches like that are you suppose to? It is very pretty and I see where it does look better.

    1. Hmmm. I will sure be thinking about it as I go through that book. : )

  3. Hi Fox,
    They are both lovely motifs, can I say I prefer the top one, I just think you did a better job.
    Your tatting is improving well done
    Love to Gian

  4. Very nice! Congrats for those small picots too, they are perfect!

  5. Thanks Tatters. This was a fun one. : )

  6. It looks lovely. I love the HDT - used all by itself, the colors show up better. I like the effect on those long chains, too - adds a bit of texture.

  7. Pretty motifs! I also read about Stephanie's adventures with DDS, and I'm determined to try it out. I'm glad you like the look of it!

  8. Dear Fox,
    The top Brabant motif looks really good. And I really really like the textured effect of the dds. Your "mistakes" have actually created a much more lovely version. Here's to our mistakes ;-)))

  9. I like what you did with those center chains. Very Nice!

  10. I think it is unanimous that the second one is well liked.... I too love the effect of the sets that you used for the chains... I think they should be used more often. Great job!

  11. I like both motifs! Love the thread in the top one.

  12. Hello Fox,
    As I'd reiterated in my comment above, I loved the textured effect of your "dds" sets in the top image.
    I finally found a project to apply it to, giving a subtle frill to the periphery of the flower in Morning Glory Bookmark. I've uploaded my notes & pic, if you care to see :