Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Duplicating Driburg

I could not let it go...The white version of this in the Rosario thread was not working for me at all, so I tatted it in #40 Lizbeth. I was not aware that anything else was different; not my tension, my mood, nor the shuttles.

So, how do I account for the way more appealing blue one above, except to say it was done in a better thread for tatting? 

The Rosarios #20 thread is not good for tatting. I suppose that is why the label says “crochet thread!


  1. The blue one is more attractive, definitely.

  2. wow I am convinced! I love the items that have been made from this book and now I gots somethen else to buy :)

  3. I have found that, too. All cotton threads do not slide well, or bend well. In some it is hard to get an even knot or a good looking ring.
    It is a pretty, lacy motif.

  4. It looks wonderful!!! :)
    I think different colors go better with different projects(like how some people say that variegated threads are too "busy" for the project they were working on). :)

    1. I agree, She, but this was definitely about the quality of the thread. The white was impossible to tat good rings with....I couldn't get it to close evenly....

  5. The quest for thread, every tatter's worry. We all find our boundaries one day, but that is also what defines tatting.

  6. The blue version definitely looks better, smoother. The white looks kind of, uh, rough. It is a pretty motif.

  7. I think it looks much crisper in the blue--I can see the stitches clearly. Very pretty.

  8. Blue one does present better, and it isn't the color. :) Some threads don't slide well, and tatting must have wonderful slide-ability.