Saturday, June 7, 2014

Brutal Buckling

I hope that the buckling will resolve itself in the next row... I have had to change the count again in this row and have no idea what will happen as I go along.


Too much futzing around trying to block this, so out came the blades...

It should lie flat, without so much manipulation, or in my mind it really is not working.

This pattern is a real challenge.


  1. Is it one of those older patterns which doesn't count the join as the first half stitch? - because if that's what's happening, then even half a stitch over the course of the round will make a difference to it's lying flat.

    1. Yes, Maureen, it looks like an older pattern.

      Wouldn't that mean that I am adding too little? Therefore the thing would cup, not frill out, right?

    2. yes, that's right - if they don't count the join as part of a stitch, and if you are only making the second half after each join, then effectively you are one stitch short cumulatively, all the way around - so it will cup. I've found that to be the case in several of the old patterns from the Dover books. You can only try it, I suppose.

    3. Thanks! I thought I was going mad! That is one of those concepts that stumps me dyslexically. : ) So, I have done it again - tatted the round and cut it off.

      I’m done. I have switched threads and it is going much more according to the pattern. Stubbornly, I wanted to use that new thread... serves me right!

  2. Great, ghastly geckos! You must have heard me groan all the way up in Toronto when I saw you had to cut . . . (Are Mr. G's ears ok? ;)

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind words!

  3. Would it be possible to use a template so you could tat half or quarter of a round and see if it will lie flat? A shame to tat a whole round before realising it aint gonna work and getting the scissors out! Especially as it gets bigger and bigger.

  4. I hate when a piece won't lie flat. I hope you figure it out soon!

  5. Fox, I hope you haven't thrown away the snipped out circle ?!
    You could snip out the inner round which has the cuts already, & still use the outer circle/2nd round for something ! It is still intact.
    Sometimes, it is a boon that not everything is done in one pass :-)
    It is very interesting watching this doily grow & take shape .

  6. That is the most scaring stork you could ever meet! I agree with Jane, what do you think about printing a polar grid, hexagonal, to check the stitches' count? I'm so sorry every time you use scissors... A challenging pattern indeed, with a lot of empty space. Ciao.