Monday, June 2, 2014

Smashing Success

The Little Brother was shyly excited that I had finally made something especially for him. I believe he was equally pleased that I had not brought The Boss anything that day!

The little blue flower in the corner was the first thing he
commented upon, and you know what? I had not noticed it!

This border is designed by Robin Perfetti.

Little Brother was happy with the red smoke. 

He said he might put some Star Wars pieces 
on the hankie. Perfect, said I.


  1. Hi Fox

    Lovely hanky, I like the train embroidery on it. I am glad he liked it after all your hard work. Great edging, and perfect colours to match the train.
    Love to Gian

  2. Perfect indeed - must admit that I had wondered, when you first wrote about this hanky, how it would be received by a young gentleman - but as a doily for Star Wars figures it is going to be brilliant! Well done grandmamma. I noticed the tatted smoke at once, it's a hanky full of integrity.

    1. Well, after all, Maureen, he is only just five years old!

  3. What a wonderful gift and response!!! :)

  4. I'm so pleased your gift was well received - your hanky looks just perfect to me!

  5. This too cute for words, and indeed a smashing hanky! Nobody in the whole world has a beautifull hanky like that!

  6. I am glad he was pleased! I didn't notice the flower either until you mentioned it. Funny that.

  7. Ooh, very nice to see it all done up and attached to the hanky :)

    You've now officially tatted more of this than I have, as I got bored after designing the two small samples. I admire your persistence!

  8. Thanks, Robin! It is a delightful pattern.
    Fox : )

  9. I love the little hankie! Such a gorgeous piece.

  10. Beautiful gift! I'm happy for you.