Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Prettier Preference

J'adore Sulky Blendables I have only four spools of it so far, and am certain I shall add to the small collection now that I have found it to be consistently wonderful to work with.

For a long while I believed this thread was similar to a #80, but in fact it is much closer to a #40.

Here is the Linda  Davies Oval pattern, begun using Sulky, after banishing the #40 Lizbeth and Karey Solomon piece:

Compared to each other:

In my opinion, the new one is by far more elegant tat. By far. Really, pretty obvious!

The hanky edging goes well, but the thread...ah, you know how o go on about Lizbeth! In all honesty, this time the #40 is working fine send no twisting, knots or slubs have interrupted my progress! Quelle surprise!

Behold this delightful hanky, sent to me by umintsuru last year or perhaps a few years ago - time goes quickly by if one wields a tattong shuttle!

Her work is exceptional,  consistent throughout and the attachment to the cotton hankie neat beyond belief. I am humbled and see I have much work to do on my skill-building.

Tatting by umintsuru


  1. Hi Fox

    A thread you like, ah. It looks very pretty and I look forward to seeing how it goes.
    Your hanky edging is looking good, I know Wendy's work is beautiful
    Love to Gian

  2. I"m glad you've found a thread that works well for you! I love the subtle colours of the thread.

  3. I do think it is better that the last one it is pleasing! hey I have that exact same hankie and to think we are so are apart :) That edging is an exultant ! (on that last one) the blue is nice too :)

    1. Is your hankie cut on the bias as well? Mine is such a strange shape and not a perfect square. Makes it difficult to get the length of the edging right. : (

  4. I do love Sulky Blendables thread, especially the 12 wt. That's a beautiful color... I wonder if I have it in my stash? I'll have to check! It does look elegant!

  5. Wow! - you have finally found a thread that agrees with you! - I have a few spools, since our Spotlight sells it and it is lovely to work with, definitely a little thicker than 80. I love the grey hankie!

  6. Your doily and hanky edging are coming along wonderfully!!! :)