Friday, April 18, 2014

Edgy About Edgings

Tatting has been frustrating since I finished the Spring Doily. I tried many threads and many patterns in an attempt to find a suitable border for the hanky sent to me by Kristen in Russia - here.

I ordered a Sulky thread as I did not have a proper purple for the edging. However, this particular thread seems thinner than the Sulky I have. It is very, very fine, perhaps because it is not variegated.

However, I like it much better than the #40 Lizbeth, with which I am so un-enamoured! The white and green sample are tatted in #40 and feel like twine. That Susanne Schwenke design, and the blue on the left were too busy-looking for the hanky

Mary Konior’s Curds and Whey was tempting, but tatting it was too confusing for me to consider tatting it for an entire edging. It is a great pattern though that I have not used before. I hope to use it in the future on a hanky that is a solid colour or has only a bit of embroidery. Kristen’s is very colourful with a design throughout.

I settled on this pattern from 
Bessie M. Attenborough’s 
The Craft of Tatting."

I am still plodding along on this Lucky Clover... It is NOT lucky, believe me! Though it does not appear to be an overly difficult pattern, it is surprisingly challenging. I cannot tat this when I am tired, as I have recently learned.

That second row has been started several times.

The Mystery Shuttle?
 The Slider Shuttle!
It can be purchased here.

I wrote of my experience 
as a tester over at Tatting Shuttle Addicts:

I thought I would share with you some of what I wrote to Sandi about The Slider. I have added and subtracted stuff but here is the gist of my experience with the new shuttle. 

Thank you, dear Sandi, for entrusting me to test tat your invention! This is the BEST of shuttles! 

I tatted something right away. I used #40 Lizbeth, and normally I use #80. The shuttle is a bit heavy for the teeny threads, but that is because I am used to LaCossette shuttles. (Aerlit)

I am used to GR-8s as well, so the weight is not an issue for me, but might be for some tatters. 

The size - not as bulbous or long on the end as the Silent a Tatter. Hopefully, as you perfect the design you will be able to slim down the rather thick body. Sleekness is all it is missing. 

I like the wood of this tester - really smooth finish, light colour, with grain visible, and the hook is the right size, in my opinion, and a perfect length. 

The mechanism is brilliant! It took a minute to figure out why there was the little brass knob... Like the Silent Tatter, I suppose? It keeps the tension just right with absolutely NO fiddling. Love it. 

Sandi, you are to be congratulated on the fine workmanship of this shuttle.You should be exceptionally proud indeed, as you have created the perfect post shuttle. You will make a lot of tatters very happy. 

I am delighted to see that this new star in Tat-Land is ... a Canadian!


  1. Maybe you inadvertently ordered size 12 Sulky - it comes in two weights, it's the 30 that is thicker. It's a very striking hanky so I think the simple edging you've chosen will be just fine.

    1. It is a 12 weight, Maureen- same as I always order! But this one, probably because of the dye, seems VERY thin.

  2. You have so many projects going right now! I'm sure I'm right there with you, but mine are all hidden in project bags. :-)

    I've ordered a slider shuttle. You haven't led me in the wrong direction yet, so I'm really looking forward to my new shuttle!

    1. Oh yes. You are going to enter a new phase of shuttle collecting! I have ordered TWO more! : )) Get ready!

  3. Your edgings look pretty! I love the one you settled on and the color!!! :)
    I attempted the Clover doily a year or 2 ago and didn't do well with it. When you succeed I will have to plan on giving it another try cuz' you inspire me so!!! :) Yours is looking wonderful!! :)

    1. Thanks, GK! It is pretty, but SO challenging. Really hard. I can only tat a wee bit at a time or it will become a victim of my horrid temper!

  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the clover doily- it's gorgeous and the color- yum!!!

    I'm curious about the slider shuttle. Is it a post shuttle? It looks like it has a bobbin though? Why is it called a "slider"?

    1. Thanks, Michelle.

      It is a bobbin shuttle - PFAFF bobbins. I don't know why it is called that!

  5. It feels as if you fell in a black hole after the spring doily was finished. Don't worry and have a happy Easter!

  6. Like that green and white sample of the edging. Pretty pattern.

    You've been a busy bee!

  7. only you have the perseverance to try working on so many thread sizes and patterns for an edging! they are all pretty, but the right fit is your call! great review on the slider. will have to save up a little for it soon! :-)

  8. Thanks for the shuttle review. I will have to keep it in mind. I have more then a few Silent Tatters, but wouldn't be adverse to getting some more like them.