Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sovereignty of String

Thought I go for a run, 
take a tatting break... HA!
(Really, this is how I found the laces!)

Jane’s Pattern #3 
with Mama’s String!
This turned out well using  Marilee’s Fiery Red HDT, #40 I believe.
Marvellous to tat with. Thanks again, Yarnplayer!

Love the pattern, Jane.

Gotta love that string, G!


  1. String, G? Hahahaha. Sorry, that just made me chuckle. My mind saw G-string.

    Nice motifs - maybe I should try one of these next . . .

  2. Oh NO!!! I call Gian ‘G’ or Mr. G all the time! I never made the connection to the flimsy smalls!!! You are too funny!
    Fox : ))

  3. string can be fun or painful. He he Cindy, that is too funny.
    I like your fiery red motif. very nice.

  4. Now you've got me wondering where a g-string would go on a cat. Mr G looks so handsome. Twirly #3 also looks fabulous!!

  5. Hi Fox

    Beautiful motif, love the colour. They make a lovely set of motifs.
    A string for mr. G. Now I call that a g-string,
    Love to mr Gian

  6. Beautiful tatting and the thread colour looks wonderful.