Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gearing Up

I tatted two motifs by Jan Stawasz over the weekend. 

Till now, I have been intimidated beyond belief by his patterns and decided suddenly that they were the next thing to attempt on my “to tat” list.  

These two were not difficult, as there were not a lot of numbers to find and interpret. His patterns could be a lot better with more proficient diagrams; I find his diagrams appalling to read.

Once I figured out how to read the patterns, I tried to get myself into a Jan Stawasz tatting mindset, as I tatted.

His patterns are brilliantly elegant;  he has a wonderful mastery of space and balance in a design. I think that is why I have been hooked - so to speak!

Right now, I am in the process of a tatting a pattern suggested to me by Diane, my Enabler/Inspiration Person! Thanks, Diane. You have been extremely helpful in this little tatting jaunt. : ) )

When I finish the piece I am doing now, seen below, I am going to tackle a larger - 80 cm - piece! Yes, I know I said never again, but as I said, it is a challenge, and I cannot resist!

Yesterday, in a local shop,  I managed to find appropriately priced Finca 8, ( I KNOW, not the best, but local) in decent colours, for the large pattern that I am going to tackle after finishing this more modestly sized one I have in hand at the moment.

Unfortunately, I will run out of the lovely shell pink Olympus thread and will have to finish the last three rows in white - not enough white Olympus either, so might use Anchor or Lizbeth of the same weight...

Luckily, this tat is only for practice of Jan’s patterns, in order to prepare myself for the “Big One!"

The way I have familiarized myself with the pattern is by cutting and marking as I go. The only way I can cope, but it seems to be working, much to my surprise. I am finding a rhythm.


  1. Those little motifs are beautifully tatted! I too find his notations to be confusing but I sure do love the way his patterns look when they're all tatted up.

  2. Dear Fox, I have to say that all the pieces you are showing in this blogpost are very nicely tatted! You really are in the Jan Stawasz frame of mind. The all purple is beautiful with its graduated picots and your pink piece is so even and perfect! I can't wait to see what you choose for your large project. Yes, I agree, Jan's diagrams are not the best and the tiny numbers can be hard to decipher - I often end up making my own little diagrams in small parts - but they are worth the effort I think.
    Oh, and what's that lovely purple thread?

    1. Welcomed words, Frivole! Thank you.

      That is Yarnplayer’s Dark Hydrangea., I think in a #20.
      Fox : )

  3. All those pieces are so very beautiful!!!! :)
    I love the design in the one you are working on!! :)

  4. I can't wait to see your progress on the larger piece!

  5. That pink one has the loveliest motion in it! Beautiful, beautiful tatting!

  6. Thank you for all the wonderful encouragement. It truly inspires me. Fox : )

  7. oh, I love the look of the swirly pink one, I can imagine how wonderful it will look with the outer rows. I enjoyed the bright green with the purple, that really makes the center pop in that small motif.
    Good luck with the larger project.

  8. Is the pink piece by Jan as well? I've been doing just a little with asymmetric joins for tilted rings lately, but their use here is breathtaking

    1. Most definitely! That is why I started with the small motifs...working up my courage to tat this one with asymmetric jois. They can confound me and I have to mark up the pattern with colour to be able to learn the numbers... ; ) Fox

  9. Hi Fox

    Those two motifs are lovely, you really have done a great job on them,
    That beautiful pale pink part ten is also looking good, I like the way it flows around well done.
    A big project, another one are you ready for another, look forward to seeing it when you start.
    Love to Gian

  10. I am in awe! Awestruck even! I'm thinking of skipping play practice tonight so that I can work on my Jan Stawasz Doily VI. Did I mention that I'm awestruck?

  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees Jan's diagrams as very difficult to follow. But I do agree that his designs are worth the effort. Can't wait to see your progress on 'THE BIG ONE'. I still don't have the courage - but someday!

  12. Fox, these are all beautiful. I, too, find the diagrams difficult to follow. I have yet to tackle anything very large.