Monday, April 29, 2013

Fun With Ferris Wheel

This pattern calls for a 1/2 inch button, but I received
 this finding from Yarnplayer and it is perfect!

HDT #20 by Jess, (I think!)

Lovely, lovely #40 Olympus green

Thanks for the great pattern,  Jane!


  1. I have some of those doodads! Maybe I'll give Jane's pattern a try... when I finish all my works in progress!

  2. That is very pretty. and I have some of those doodads too, just haven't figured out how to use them. I will have to keep this in mind

  3. What a cute pattern! The thread looks exactly like the bright green maple blooms looked against today's cloudy sky! The center doodad is very cute and looks like it would be very versatile.

  4. Pretty! I like the look with the doodad.

  5. Hi Fox

    Lovely wheel, gorgeous colours, and with the doodad, even better than a button.
    Well done
    Love to Gian