Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Button Booklet

About 3” in diameter

This is Karey Solomon’s pattern from
this booklet.

I used the same blue #20 HDT from Denise and a heavy brass ornament that I found in my stash, as I did not have a regular, plain 2-hole button that was large enough.

This one worked well visually, however, it was somewhat awkward to tat around, as it is so heavy.

Those interlocking rings? FORGET IT! I’m done!


  1. Nice button, the subtle beads. You do such good work.
    no reason to learn the IR if you don't need it. better to have a fun day instead of a frustrating day.
    So, have some fun today.

  2. Hi Fox

    Lovely button motif, and of course beautiful blue thread

    Love to Gian

  3. I sympathise on the interlocking rings! Some things are not worth pursuing.