Sunday, March 31, 2013

Opinions Please!

I received this sweet vintage hankie and the Cébélia #30 blue thread a while ago from A Friend In North Carolina

Since then, I have been visualizing the border ( Mary Konior’s Marguerite) that I have wanted to tat since I saw it on Frivole’s blog, here:

Mary Konior ’s design is the blue and Frivole added the interior bit of yettlow. So clever! So, I am going to copy that border, but do not know whether to use the yellow (which is wound!) or the pink (which I was not sure about) for the interior edging. There is no appropriate green in my stash or even another shade of blue.

So, what’ll it be? 
Pink or Yellow?

p.s. Gray (he is three) has been asking for a purple gecko! Kids surprise me all the time. 

I have a pattern from Karen Bickerton that I have begun a few times with beads and I messed up royally. 

I think I shall forgo the bling and just get the thing tatted for my sweet, little friend/grandson.  : )


  1. I'm no help! For some reason, I keep wanting to see that green from the hanky in there! ;) BUT . . . that wasn't one of the choices you presented! Soooo, . . . if I HAD to choose between yellow and pink, I think I'd go with the yellow! That edging is so pretty, I don't think you could go wrong with either of them!

    Can't wait to see the gecko! ;)

    1. Hi, Willow,
      I see green too!

      But it has to be a certain minty green, which I actually have but it is #80! I think it is too thin. And I am not going to buy thread to tat a hanky, so that is why I had to ask about the yellow or pink! Thanks for the input. : )

  2. I would go for the yellow. I love blue and yellow together!

  3. I, too, like the yellow. Have fun with it, Fox. It is going to be lovely.

  4. Yes, I too am liking the yellow. It will look lovely when it's finished!

  5. me too - yellow. Tho, I admit, I'm very fond of yellow. It is my fav color.

    I was just looking at that edge about 4 hours ago. I tried a different one, tho.

    Happy tatting day!!!!! Whether it is an edge or critter, your tatting is always so amazing : )

  6. I think yellow. That may be because my mum used to say, 'Pink and blue will never do, all the boys will wink at you', like your poem about red and yellow! I think yellow would be better than green too, more like the middle of a flower.

  7. Hi Fox

    Yellow, Do your hear yellow, it's a lovely edging so it will look beautiful.
    Have a nice day and happy international tatting day.
    Love to Gian

  8. hard question...both colors are fine!
    Happy Tatting Day!

  9. Happy Tatting Day!!
    despite the fact that the yellow is wound, I would pick the pink for the interior.
    Have fun with the purple gecko!

  10. Your edging is looking beautiful!!! :)
    I think either color is going to look great with it. :)

  11. I would go with the will follow the flowers on the boarder.

  12. I think either colour would work very well. I would guess it depends on who is to receive the hanky. My preference would be the pink as it's a softer colour than the yellow. The yellow feels to me to be a little too bright, but that's just IMHO.

  13. Replies
    1. Even if I go for yellow I LOVE IT that you voted!
      ♥ Fox : ))

  14. Pink works for me. I suspect the yellow might be too bright for the muted shades of the hanky. As last resort, tat a little sample of each and see what you think. Sometimes colors that look so right on the ball give a different effect once tatted up.

  15. Martha's advise sounds really good, Fox. A small sample with each will help you decide.

  16. I would go with yellow. Pink may end up being too sweet and yellow is so cheerful! (this coming from a person that doesn't even like yellow!)