Thursday, March 14, 2013

Forgotten Frivolité Found

Being stuck in one’s bed does nothing for creative thinking. I thought I would try something new - a small sampling of a border to use up the left-over white on the shuttles, so I turned to le livre de Monsieur Peacock...

See the white border? As I was tatting it the purple one fell out of the book. Seems I have already tried this particular pattern!

What are the chances? I mean there are 144 pages in the book!

I noticed that in my fevered state I have managed to re-interpret the original pattern by leaving off the outer picots and eliminating a portion of each chain giving the repeats a rounder, more fan-like appearance. I rather like it! All is not lost.

It is from this book. Ohh, how I love this book!


  1. Bed-ridden? Have I been skimming way to quickly?

    I do like your adaptation... nothing wrong with trying something different!

  2. I have tatted things thinking I hadn't before and later found out that I had. How crazy is that???
    Both look very nice!! :)

  3. I am so sorry you are ill, but glad that you can amuse yourself with tatting. Is Gian being helpful?
    The fan shape works very well in the white edging, so clean and neat looking.

  4. That is, indeed, a lovely book. The white edging is attractively rhythmic. Really like it. Hope you are feeling better.

  5. Hi Fox

    Sorry to hear you are in bed, Nice to have the time to start something different, it is a lovely book and your white edging is lovely, I can see that around a nice hanky.
    Take care and get well soon,
    Love to Gian

  6. I like your adapted version better than the original, even if it came about by accident! I hope you'll be feeling better soon.

  7. I had this book delivered to me yesterday. I tried the motif on p101 last night. I'm currently working on the flower on pp104-5.

  8. funny trying out just this pattern...your thoughts of last time have been sticked in the you opened it and they led you again to that pattern :).. I like the new way, but also the thread of the green violet:), do you know what it is?
    ...get better soon...

    1. Guni, the HDT is from Krystle and is called Wisteria Lane. The one here is #80.
      Fox : )

    2. Thank you Fox, its lovely..., I don't know Krystle's shop it on etsy? And by the way, I loooove the multicolored HDT from Karey Solomon you sometimes use, where can I buy hers, didn't find any link on her website... hope you have enough the, hankerchiefs and peach in the tin or cherries in the glass... we eat that when we are's cold and nice to eat when ill...
      all best wishes and greetings from Guni

    3. Hi Guni,
      Krystle’s shop seems closed at the moment but you could email her directly - look at her solds for what she dyes...

      To get Karey’s thread, you have to email her. She never lists the threads online, but might send you a photo if you tell her your wish about colour and you ask her very nicely! Good luck!
      Fox : )

    4. ...on my etsy it says Krystle is on vacation,...thanks so much,Fox..<3

  9. Ah yes, mind like a steel sieve. I have one also. At least you can blame yours on being ill. ;-)
    Hope you get better soon!

  10. Thank you, Everyone! Out of bed and on the mend. : ))
    Still tatting,

  11. Love this pattern. I think I may "need" to get this book. However, I am becoming a pattern/book hoarder rather that getting any tatting done! I must focus. Focus, focus, focus.

    Glad you are on the mend!