Monday, March 25, 2013

Big Is Not Better

Though I do like this Bablyo crochet thread very much, for it is smooth and easy to tat, I am not pleased with the #20 thickness of it. I think that is why I got rid of al my #20 Cébélia. Just too bulky.

This is the beginning of a new Karey Solomon pattern from her new doily book, and it is going to be rather big. There is another row yet to go.

If I had tatted it in my usual #40 or even smaller in #80, it would be more the size I am comfortable with. I realize I do not like to tat large motifs.


  1. Even though you don't like to tat large projects, you do a beautiful job on them!!! I love the look of that new one!!! :)

  2. I do like the color combo. When will you be starting your smaller version? ;-)

    1. How did you know? I have been considering what is in my stash!
      Fox : ))

  3. Those colors are pretty together. and I like the look of the pattern. Have fun.

  4. Love those colors. It may be bigger than you prefer, but it will be beautiful when finished. I will be watching for the smaller version too.

  5. Pretty colours. I like the boldness of size 20 thread. But it's amazing how one becomes used to a thickness, so something thinner seems ridiculously fine or thicker feels like rope!

  6. Hi Fox

    Beautiful, like those colours together, I think my days are numbered when tatting no 80 and possibly 60 my eyes don't seem to like the thinner thread, I feel more comfortable with no 20, I do like the pattern I expect you will trying this again in a smaller thread.
    Love to Gian

  7. I agree those colours are very pretty together, and I also agree about size 20 thread feeling so thick. My fave sizes are 50 and 70 (I've only found it in vintage thread, so far) Looking forward to seeing this is smaller thread.

  8. Beautiful colors! Isn't it funny how we grow so accustomed to one size of thread and project size. I'm working on a doily in size 40 and am finding it rather challenging compared to my usual size 20. Cheers for your new doily!!

  9. i tuoi lavori sono stupendi , brava un bacio ciao.