Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gong Xi Fa Ca!

Happy New Year
To All Who Are Celebrating 
The Year Of The Snake!
Image credit: Fanghong via Wikimedia Commons.

I have my own particular reasons for celebrating! 
The second to last row of the HN is a lot easier and is going much faster. 


It is large...

Perhaps you noticed something else in these photos...

When I moved, did I buy anything for me or did I purchase a very expensive, very high cat stand for Mr G.? I think I might have posted a pic of that indulgence for my Gian.

Well, this afternoon I made an impulsive purchase, on top of the other two that arrived on Friday:

I am a sucker for LaCossette shuttles. I have shamelessly added these two and one additional (ordered this afternoon) to my collection. : ) Diane made me. : O

Lastly, T.I.A.S. Day 10 is complete~
This is so cute!


  1. Your honey napkin is still fabulous!!! Glad you are reaching the finish line(for your sanity sake if nothing else!!) :)
    Very elegant tatting shuttles there!! :)
    Great baby buggy!! :)

  2. Yes, I did make you! ...just like you made me order two custom shuttles this week! ;-)

    I love your new shuttles! They both look like shuttles I could have easily purchased, but I'm trying to control myself.

    Honey Napkin is huge! I feel like such a slacker tatting small pieces.

  3. I like that hit of blue in your napkin. It's so big!
    Isn't it nice to treat yourself once in a while?

  4. Those are pretty shuttles. I think that the ruffles will setting down once you are done, and dampen it a bit. That is a pretty baby buggy. I am going to try to catch up tomorrow during the blizzard we are scheduled to get. How was your weather? did you get the eastern storm?

    1. We had a record amount of snow - worst storm since 2008 - about foot of snow. They are saying it is going to cost the city $4,000000 to clean it up!
      Fox : O

  5. Hi Fox

    Your honey mat is looking lovely and I am sure it's quite a weight now to tat and I should think the ruffles will iron out.

    We were forecasted to have snow today, but it's turned to rain at the moment, as if we have not had any rain for a while, some parts of Somerset are still flooded from the heavy rain we had before Christmas an no sign of it going down yet. There is a lot of farmland that is totally ruined and will take years before they can use again.

    Why not have a special little present for yourself, I am sure you treat Gian all the time, I am sure he won't mind you having something for a change.

    Love to Gian
    Happy Chinese New Year to you both.
    Hugs Margaret

  6. Fox, great perserverence. The HN is turning out very well, and I think the colours sit well together. Good job!

    Great indulgence on the shuttles. I've been holding back for a long time now, and I'm losing it seeing these...