Monday, February 18, 2013

Concentrating on Corrections

It is easy to see that this needs to have six sides and not five. 

The Victorian Sets need to be longer, but other than that, I like the
elements a lot. 

This pattern incorporated Josephine Knots, SCMRs, a split ring and extra-long picots;  it is a little fiddly, so not for the faint of heart but it is nicely challenging... My opinion! What do you all think?

I am going to tat it again with the revisions and then see where I am with it. 

Now, Honey Honey Honey:

Last row is taking a L...O...N...G time,
as there are many rings and chains in each repeat.

On the balcony of my new apartment there is a table, and I see 
that HN is almost the exact same size as the surface of the glass.

Perhaps I shall not be so hasty 
to give HN immedietely to Grandchild!

Perhaps HN shall remain with me, 


  1. I love the corners of your new motif! Somehow they gently remind me of a cheerleader with pompoms. In all, it's lovely!

    That HN is astounding!

  2. It's looking so gorgeous! And almost finished. Would you put another layer of glass overtop the honey napkin to protect it? Looks as though it was meant for your balcony table!

  3. I am so impressed with the Honey Napkin!! That is a long tat! Kudos to you for sticking it out. It looks great :)

  4. I like the new motif. I have a feeling that 6 sides would look better too. Let's see it!

    HN is great on that little table. Keep it!

  5. Neat design!! :)
    Your honey napkin is such a fabulous work of art(and heart)!! :)

  6. I'm thinking the Grandchild could be convinced they'd rather have a smaller creation in the same colors as Grandma's??
    Your new pattern is looking good. Karen in OR

  7. Absolutely you must keep it - but bring it in at night, in case of birds....
    I looked at your five-sided motif and thought at once that it looked just like a little house!

  8. The new design looks interesting and it looks unique with 5 sides! I like that your honey napkin could be a small table cloth. Amazing!

  9. looking forward to seeing the finished HN, and the next incarnation of the motif. should be a great design.

  10. Hi Fox

    I like your little pattern and I am sure you will play with it a bit more.
    Now as your honey mat is so beautiful, I hope now you have spent so much time making it you will have some enjoyment out of it, your gran child can have lots of enjoyment when you have passed over.

    Love to Gian, is he liking his new home.

    Hugs Margaret

  11. Looks as though the HN and the table belong together! I rather like 5 sides - less usual than 6.

  12. It's a sign from the tatting gods. KEEP IT.

  13. Yes, I agree - I think it's one for you to keep. All that work! You must be able to whip it out at a moment's notice and impress whoever is visiting... or just impress yourself all over again that you managed to get to the end of such a giant project!

  14. Yes, I was just myself thinking, "Is she sure she wants to give it away?" It would make a beautiful addition to that table! :)

  15. I like your little green motif, whether 5 or 6 sides, it does need a bit of tweaking, but so pretty. The beads and thread colors match very well.
    Your HN looks like it has found a use at your home at least for a while. What fun to sit out and enjoy the scenery and a cup of tea/coffee and pamper yourself with a pretty tablecloth. And a good reason to have company so you can show it off.