Saturday, November 3, 2012

Angels, Earrings, and Augmenting 'Honey Napkin'

Margaret has designed a sweet angel with fluffy wings. 
Head over to her blog for the pattern, now available.
I used lots and lots of beads, but you can tat this without any.
I do love the beads. : )

I had some trouble fluffing those wings because I could not get the Cebelia #20 to get fluffier than this; I think my picots could have been longer, but isn't it a great pattern?

Well done, Margaret!  Thank you for asking me to test-tat - lots of fun!

No news on the Red Earrings!

They are languishing in my Etsy shop. So pretty - to me! But the world thinks differently!

So, I thought I would try another pair, maybe in different colours...


I could not resist adding in glorious red. And there WILL be beads. Such an enjoyable tat.

This is the most substantial piece I have worked on to date, both in size and in weight.  The thread makes the piece reminiscent of crochet work I used to do with fine crochet threads. 

I have but ONE piece left from a decade of crocheting - and I crocheted as much as I now tat, so you KNOW there was a lot!

Here they are, sided by side:

See what I mean about this doily being 'substantial?'
The #8 Finca thread has definite heft. 


  1. I love that you decided to add the red! I used to crochet tons of doilies also, and every once in a while I get the urge to start again. They just don't hold my interest the way they used to.

    I'm having a bit of trouble fluffing my angel also. I hope to post a picture tonight.

  2. Hi Fox

    Thank you for test tatting my fluffy angel and what kind words, you fluffy angel, it looks gorgeous and I love the way you used the beads, Thank you for dressing her up.

    I love your doily looking good with the red,

    I hope you have a lovely weekend,

    Love to Gian

    Hugs Margaret

  3. that is a gorgeous crocheted doily. very nice pineapple pattern.
    I like the way the red rings in the clover round bring that bit of color. I think that is going to be gorgeous as well.

    interesting that the red earrings haven't sold. the multi color ones will be pretty.

  4. The red's good! - sparks it up. And so is your crocheting, it's a beautiful piece. I, too, discovered thread when I learned to crochet 20 years ago, and I did nothing else much until 2005 when I learned about tatting. I think it's a shame to let the skill go completely, so I still spend time with my hooks every so often - it's refreshing to see how much faster the work goes!
    Tatting, however, is much easier on my eyes.

  5. Great angel!! :)
    Wonderful earrings!! :)
    Love that doily!!! :)

    1. Thanks, Sue,
      But - you must look at Margaret's original version - great wings. My plumply- winged creature would plummet from the clouds with wings that short and a body that round!
      Fox : ))

  6. The red gives the doily a new "sparkle" (if you know what I mean). It's looking great!

    Ah, the angel's so cute. How do you fluff the thread?

    1. Hi, Val,
      I separate the strands with a pin and it starts to fluff; then I keep worrying it with the point of the pin and it fluffs more. Finally, I roll it around in my fingertips to separate the bits better with longer picots though. These were much too short to get the effect Margaret has on her finished piece.
      Fox : )

  7. Replies
    1. Ciao, Carla,
      Ah, grazie mille! Mi piace quando si visita tat-ology. :)

  8. This angel is so cute!
    And the doily is perfect:))))