Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pendant Preoccupation

When the first agate piece sold immediately I was very relieved, as I had picked up two pendants, carried away by my thrill of the hunt!

After my purchase, I wondered if I had made a huge mistake, particularly as I added those beads: I just knew I was headed down the wrong path.

But now, seeing as the pendants are pleasing to some, I am going to continue with this second one.  It is more green-based in colour and very pretty. So time consuming!

I have so much more admiration for those hardy souls who produce prodigious amounts of jewellery and have thriving businesses - this type of tatting and design is very demanding and rather stressful as one realizes how important is is to produce the best result possible.  Mastery is the goal and it is the sternest of taskmasters.

Those tatting artists out there work very hard to make a profit.  Once mailing costs and supplies figure into the equation, there is not a lot left over. I had better keep my day job!

I had to take a break after a day of trying to get work a design I liked for the new pendant.  All attempts - about four of them - succumbed to the scissors. There is a lot of trial and error I have learned.

Finally I have hit upon what works and am now going for a long walk... My muscles need a break.  Sitting is not my favourite thing to do!

This is as far as I have come on the hanky.  I like the border with the little blue beads a lot!  It is a simple border but one that confounds my ds dyslexia, (my very own DSD! ) so it is taking me a bit longer than I thought.

I figured out my mistakes in the corners and have completed the first two and they look fine now.

But - always a complication - the design does not quite fit the length of the edge and I have to pull a bit to be able to fit the border to the cloth.  No other way is possible, as there are obvious repeats.  I am pretty sure it will work okay with umintsuru's blocking technique.


  1. Hi Fox

    Well done on selling your pendant so quickly. Looking forward to seeing the other one,
    Your hanky edging is coming and is looking lovely
    Have a nice day
    Hugs margaret

  2. Agates are beautiful, and I totally understand getting carried away by the thrill of the hunt (I'm staying away from Fire Mountain Gems for a while). I can harding wait to see what this one looks like!

  3. Love the idea of beads on a hankie edging! duh! why didn't I think of that! hehe! The hankie itself looks so pretty! I love the vintage design :)

    1. Allison, I have been using beads on hanky edges since I started tatting them. Otherwise I would never finish one - I get too bored!
      Fox : )

  4. Yeah, I really admire people who make a living from tatting too. Great that your pendant sold so quickly, you are doing it right!

  5. very pretty pendant. your artistic mind is showing up. Good for you. trying to catch up on all the blogs posts I missed. Thanks for tatting and showing such pretties